Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Why I love my husband....

* this post clearly violates my wife/husband agreement that states that i am not really allowed to talk about or Blog about cute things (or not cute at all) things that Pat does. Although, this one was so hilarious, I kind of have to share and i guess the reprucussions will be worth it :)

Sooooooo, yesterday was a really really long day for me. I worked all day, had an awful day at work, came home to a giant pile of dishes that I had to do from the night before (okay 2 nights before....ewww I know), and almost as soon as I was done with that I had to leave for a Junior League meeting that started at 7. Yep I am in Junior League. So anywho Pat was really cute and offered to get us some take-out sushi since i didn't have time to make a decent dinner in between work and my meeting. We ate together and then I went off to my meeting.

When I got home, Pat was watching Top Gun. I love that movie and i hadn't seen it in a while so I sat down next to him. Right around the part where whats her name tells Maverick that he made some mistake in flight class.....and right before they chase eachother all over town on the motorcycle and in the car - Pat tells me "this part really reminds me of us"......My heart melted for a second. I knew this was like 2 minutes before they finally tell eachother they love eachother and "Take my breath Away" starts. So I am watching and I am like "wow that is so not typical Pat to be all shmoozy like that. Ahhhh" ............

And then the movie moves on.....Whats her name is running after Maverick "trying to explain" and Maverick jumps on his motorcycle. "This is it this is the part that reminds me of us" pat says. Then one second later Maverick turns his motorcycle on so loud that he cant here what whats her name says and he says "i can't hear you" then speeds off.

That was it. The part where Maverick acts like a little bitch and ignores the woman he loves. THAT reminded Pat of us. EFFFFFF.

No "Take my Breath away".... no sexy, sexy "I love you." Nope, just the part where he doesn't care to listen.

Okay seriously.Is it weird to love your husband more than anything in the whole world, but also to be fully aware that he is such a piece sometimes? Duuuude.

In reality, my feelings weren't hurt at all. I wasn't reallya ll that surprised. It certainly wasn't romantic...but oddly it made me love Pat more. I am glad he isn't all shmoozy. Who wants a husband that is all soft and fragile? I would much rather get a hard time from him and get to laugh at all of his ridiculousness.

If he had some more feelings, my life would be easier. He would be easier to figure out. But, dare i say it, I might not think he was as "tough" or "cool" if he was always being cheezy and loving. He makes me work for those moments I guess and I like that much more.
Seriously Pat - you are fantastic. I love you....and I am so gonna use that "i can't hear you" line sometime very soon. When you least expect it :)


mommywonderland said...

Cute post and even cuter that your man had on Top Gun when you walked in! I dont know why I find that so cute, but whatevs!! Happy Wed!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahaha. A strong man is better than a weak man! My husband is not smoozy or naturally romantic. at. all. I try to make him...and I might even bribe him to be...but it DOES NOT come natural.