Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ohhhh Shoot.

I got an award! from this nice lady . And actually it wasn't the first one... I just have extreme anxiety about coming out as a blog stalker to a large list of people whose blogs I stalk, but I am slowly getting over that so I decided to post it - and follow the rules
Thanks Ashley!

The rules are to write 10 interesting tidbits about yourself, and pass the award on to 10 fellow Sugar Doll bloggers :)
So here are the links to a couple of recent contributors that I will admit blog stalkerness to (some are new bloggers and some dont blog much at all but they are all fabulous):
...and here are the 10 tidbits about me:
1. If i could be anything in the whole wide world it would probably be a country singer. I have put so much thought into the why's and the how's but i will keep my explanation brief: you get to enjoy all of the perks of celebrity without all of the crazy paparazzi attention and seriously how fun does Faith Hill's life look?
2. Ummm since the country thing isn't really workin out for me ( i can't sing to save my life) I really regret not becoming a nurse. I think i would love it and find it very fulfilling. I always kind of thought i would do something like that, but when i realized how much math and science was involved in the coursework (obvi) I switched to something a little more creative and a little more "passable" although i know tons of nurses now that I am sure I could hang with....i shouldn't have given up so easily.
3. I have all of these fun parties planned out in my head for my friends and I. One is a tan-tini party where i have an airbrush tanning lady come to my house to tan all of us while we drink martinis in bathrobes, and the other is like a fun little cooking party where I have a chef come and do a demonstration, teach us the recipes and then we eat the food. These will happen - I just need to work out the logistics.
4. I would secretly be devastated if babies like hated me. A lot of my friends (and one of my sisters) have new babies and I'm not going to lie....i kind of feel like a badass when they don't freak out while I am holding them. Weird that I am admitting that- yes....but i bet we all think that
5. Sometimes I am glad I moved away because I am not around the people that knew me when I was super insecure, gossipy, and all teenage angsty. I really am much more level headed now and I like myself more (the only good part of getting older).
6. I have massive plans for plastic surgery down the road. Shallow -yes, but i am all for self improvement and things don't seem to be looking better as the days go on ( oh yeah and being an old lady with big boobs just sounds like fun)
7. I am baffled by some people's wardrobes. I make a decent amount of money and can't seem to find it in me to spend more than a couple hundred dollars every great once in a while. Some people seriously appear to spend at least $500/week to look the way they do. Is that standard? Should i be spending more on clothes so that i don't look homeless? Or should i just be happy that i am not homeless and as a result my clothes are a little shabby? I mean of course I am happy i have a house, but sometime i think "this sucks! I can't dangle that house off my arm like a louis vuitton when I am out to dinner"
8. I have this big idea for Christmas this year. My whole family is going to be in Florida and ALL i want to do is buy a HUGE Crocodile Mile Slip n' Slide for us to play on. Doesn't that sound like the best time ever???? We all have decided that in addition to individual gifts we are going to each bring something for the whole fam - like a DVD to watch, or a giant bottle of Rum....or a slip n'slide. O'Connor Christmas' rule! (ummm that was supposed to be said like the O'Doyle guy in Billy Madison just in case you didn't realize)
9. I grind my teeth like you wouldn't believe while I am sleeping. Sometimes I even wake pat up with my teeth clanking. I used to have a "night guard" that i slept in, but just about every time I wore it I would throw it across the room in my sleep and not be able to find it.
10. I talk about the people who write the blogs I read like they are my real life friends (some of you actually are but you know what i am talking about). I think it is so fun that you can have so much in common with people you have never met. I love when you read a blog and someone has the same funny - shit day story as me, or you find out that everyone else you know also hates skinny jeans and the hills.


mommywonderland said...

Maybe I am super lame...but where is your list???

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I think the copy and paste thing messed up. I HAVE SOOO DONE THIS BEFORE SO i am laughing even harder that I can laugh at you this time instead of myself!

mommywonderland said...

Ok I want to be invited to your tan tini party!!!!!!!!! You make me want to stalk you and be a real life friend! Thanks for the props lady love!!!

mommywonderland said...

Oh and plastic surgery is NOT shallow! Im totally down at keeping up with the Jones'

Christi Ferguson said...

Is it terrible that I'm literally giddy with excitement that I made the list?!?! :) And I agree 110% with the "I hardly know you but love learning about our commonalities" thing with fellow bloggers! Thanks for the shout out Katie and for being such a good blog updater. It keeps me very entertained!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

YEY!! I am so happy you did it!!! I LOVED reading it!
You, insecure?? I would never have guessed!
I love your party ideas. Um, 75 yr old gram has fake tatas...I am jealous of them...but shh..she thinks it's a secret.
You admit to stalking blogs...haha, I stalked yours before I ever hade my own!!!! I am the weirdo.

The Chandler Trio said...

You crack me up...I was thinking the same thing about blog stalking...I actually want to know who reads mine so that I can write stuff that I know people enjoy! I was thinking about writing a blog to ask everyone who reads it to let me that too much?...idk, Now that Im in 3rd world status, I need to connect! lol... I can relate to like ALL of your tidbits! Somehow you always voice frustrations and thoughts that I have but am too afraid to write them for fear of Grandma reading them haha...I 1/2 cant stand not being transparant and 1/2 dont want to deal with the drama a truly 100% "heidi" blog would produce. So thank you for your honesty. I LOVE it! PS...The door is always open here in Kauai...Then we could write buzzed blogs about all the bitches and bastards of the world! lol...

Anonymous said...

Katie you are hilarious!!!! I love reading this! Makes my day!! Bo sends hugs and kisses.
Amanda McMillen