Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So I went back to what I know.

Apparently I am afraid of change..... I didn't find anything cute in my search for a new background and I realized that I am terrifyingly non-tech savvy. Ya'll with your cute fancy custom blogs - you are great, but I am going to stick with my clumsy template that I know so well :)
So moving on....I feel like I need to sort of explain one of the many reasons I decided to stay with my fall/thanksgivingy background. I feel bad for Thanksgiving. I wanted to represent it because everyone else seems to have forgotten it. Especially the retailers of the world. Christmas keeps popping up earlier and earlier every year. I see Christmas trees and lights and wrapped gifts everywhere and that was all while i was picking up pumpkins for Halloween! There hasn't been a single turkey decoration in sight!

This slightly bothers me.Being that I am an old lady now at the ripe old age of 26- I have a new appreciation for slowing down and smelling the roses along the way. Why rush. I want to just enjoy each holiday as it comes.

SO in order to do so, I want to start a little special Thanksgiving feature on this blog. I want you to email me with your favorite Thanksgiving dishes - and I will post the recipes for all to see.....You can also just post them on your blog and I can post a link if that works better for you.

You can even pretend that you came up with these recipes on your own when everyone at dinner tells you how delicious they are! Of course, I will have some of my own to post as well.

Send any/all recipes to - OOh and pictures would be great if you have them :)
Enjoy the holiday with me!
Refuse to celebrate Christmas until after November 27th!
And begin building your Thanksgiving recipe arsenal.....because even though I will not be hosting this year, my time will come and obvi, I want to be the best at it :)


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

That plate of food looks SOOO GOOD!!
ha. Oh, good, it is lunch time, so I should be salivating.

I WILL think of a recipe and send it...I need some time to think though, I have never a made Thanksgiving meal! ha

katie said...

I don't have a recipe...but I will tell you - I searched 4 different stores to find an adequate amount of Thanksgiving Decorations for my cute apt. It was ridiculous...maybe 1 shelf or a table everywhere I looked. I was very frustrated. I refuse to acknowledge Christmas until November 27th!

P.S. I found some kind of cute stuff...not really what I was looking for, but it will do!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the whole "where are the turkey decorations?" thing, but I must say I already have my Christmas decorations up..... hahaha you know me though...

mommywonderland said...

I like your background...I just changed mine(a 2 hour process) and hate it...I get that lack of computer saviness! Your blog is adorable!!!

Cristina said...

I sent you a good one!