Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Undies and Airplanes.

I feel like this is a story that i made up for seventeen magazine but it really happened. I swear.

Do you know what happened to me this weekend? oh you don't? let me tell you.

It is freaking awesome when you get on an airplane with an over stuffed carry-on, only to find out that your bag is too wide to be wedged into the over head compartment. So once I find this out I start to empty the contents of my top pockets onto my seat. I do this quickly becasue I don't want to be the jerk holding up the line. So, I take out my phone charger .....throw it on the seat.....I take my clear baggy with all of my liquids out and throw it on the seat....then I took those two belts out that i had worn....and also (quickly throw them on my seat). Then I completely ignore the fact that I just made my tiny airplane seat look like a messy bedroom and continue to proceed to stuff, stuff, stuff the slightly smaller bag into the little overhead space - and finally with boatloads of effort I won and it was stored.

Only that really wasn't the end . I turned around, went back to my seat and I notice that the guyy in the military uniform next to the window is laughing. Okay 1 second passes, then two - Nope he is not laughing becasue I couldn't get my bag put away....oh no.....he is laughing becasue I also managed to take a pair of leopard print DKNY undies out of that bag and just let them chill on top of all of my unpacked junk.

Seriously? Way to go Katie. Let me just say - You are welcome Teen Magazine (you may print this as long as I am given full credit) ....and also, in closing I would like to say how glad i am that cute undies have always been a priority of mine. It would have been way worse if the undies were fug.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ha. too funny! you are right- good thing they were cute! I'm sure the man did not mind!
I always over pack my carry on too! or, I just over pack in general!

katie said...

You crack me up.