Monday, November 30, 2009

"Black Friday" for a whole new reason.

So most people think of Black Friday as this wonderful awesome shopping bonanza.

I used to agree, but everything has changed.

Black Friday will forever be remembered as the day that the bitch at Nordstrom "guessed" that I graduated high school in 1983.

High School in 1983? Are you kidding me? I was breast feeding in diapers barely out of the womb in 1983!

I can't believe this. I realize that most people would not mistake me for being almost twice my actual age - but the fact that one hooker beyotch did - well obviously some changes need to be made.

I might throw my glasses (which i was wearing at the time) out the window of my car to be lost forever.

I plan to stop eating because i think my fat face is making me look old too.

I will not go out in public when i have a cold anymore....apparently the puffy eyes and runny nose could be mistaken for an extra 18 yrs.

I might have to change my email address because that is actually how the whole fiasco started.....

beyotch:"Mrs O'Brien can i have your email address?"
me: "sure:
beyotch: " Ohhhh I bet I know what that is?"
Me: What? (i genuinely had no clue what she was referring to)
Beyotch: "That's the year you graduated right? I always do stuff like that with my email har har har."
Me: no words....death stare.

I mean, again are you kidding me? I think i might contact customer service. Do you think they give free clothes for EXTREME pain and suffering caused by idiot sales people?

ouch guys...not sure i can recover from that one.
44? that hurts.

If you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, a healthy dose of self esteem and some plastic surgery might do the trick.

whatta bitch.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

First of all- that is just plain crazy! I think she may have taken a few puffs off the peace pipe in order to get through black Friday happenings. OR, she was blind.
It does not even make sense! I don't think you look a day over 21!

A lot of people (in their 40's and 50's) look older when they are skinnier. The rounder face sometimes makes people look younger! In my personal opinion. I know when my mom is skinny, she looks old because her face like draws out...and when it is plumper, she looks younger! :)
I still take skinny over old ANY DAY! :)

Mrs. ummmmmm......Brownell said...

Not that this makes it OK, but if she was a teenager, they have no concept of age and/or time. My students all know that I am 26, but one asked me the other day if I went to some rock concert in 1985....went I politely explained that I was 2, he looked confused. Teenagers.

Cristina said...

OMG Please do not let that get you down. Like Krissy said, teenagers have no concept of time/age. I remember working at Baby Gap in High School and thinking some of the ladies in there must be shopping for their grandkids....nope, they were like 30.
If she wasnt a teenager, and she was our age....maybe she was a little bitter that she was working at Nordstrom while you were shopping there. Just sayin'.

PS I made your Moms sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving and they were AMAZING. Everyone loved them, I was so the Martha Stewart of the family. Thanks for the recipe, I think they might become a tradition in our house too :)