Thursday, July 9, 2009

What a thoughtful little liar.....

I finally talked to Pat again today. We had the nicest conversation catching up on what he has been doing the past 2.5 weeks.....We talked about the fabulous meals he has been having...what kind of animals he has seen ....I got info about our renters in Florida...I mentioned some stuff i had done around the house. You know, the usual quick conversation stuff. Then I asked him what he was doing for the last few days of his trip. His answer (in a very non-chalant voice): "Ummmm well i think we are going to do some sightseeing, maybe go shopping, i don't really know."
Shopping? seriously? I thought I knew him better than that....and then 20 minutes later I realized "Ido know him better than that. WTF. Especially since he is in Africa - I mean what on earth would he be shopping for."
Tara told me the truth. She is Pat's brother's girlfriend and apparently she is "tuff" enough to "handle the truth"
They are not shopping. They are Bungee jumping off of the world record Highest freaking bridge in the world!!!!!!! WHAT!.....Um Excuse me Pat - That is not shopping. Not even close.
I appreciate (in the most minimal way humanly possible) that he was trying not to worry me...but in his effort to do so I think he missed the point. I GENUINELY do not want him or anyone else I know and love to do something where you are putting your life at risk.
I am such a wimp. It isn't that i do not have a sense of adventure....I just find no-fun in doing something where you are 100% out of control and you can't prevent your own death (thank you white water rafting for ruining my life and making me feel this way).
I for sure will not be sleeping tonight....and i now have a whole new set of worries to worry about before Pat finally gets home on Sunday.
....oh and yes...that picture is of the actual bridge my husband will be dangling off of some time in the next 24 hours.
Eff x's 1000000000000.


Erin and James said...

husbands are nice
right before we got married james went bull riding when i was out of town, but i thought he "went to a rodeo" - led to him breaking his arm...
but i am jealous that he gets to bunjee jump at such a cool place!

Katie OB said...

okay so I just got news that it was too windy on the day they could go so the bungee company was I feel bad- becasue i know he really wanted to go.

Ashley said...

So, did Pat bring you back any presents from Africa? My parents went to South Africa a few years ago, and my mom brought back a lot of cool stuff! My dad was on a hunting trip, so my mom just shopped! Ok, so the stuffed monkey is a little weird, but the rest of the stuff was neat!