Friday, July 10, 2009


Surprisingly, I have been doing plenty of other things not related to missing Pat. Ccontrary to my last 3 posts I have actually been really busy and having tons of fun.
Right after Vegas with the O'B girls I drove to Chicago to meet up with my sister and Jim. We went to the Dowds lakehouse for 4th of July and it was awesome! The whole area was just like a Norman Rockwell painting. There were little boys playing baseball in a small park near the lake, adorable little lake cottages, american flags all over the place, fireworks on the lake and tons of BBQ. I didn't have my camera with me but I stole some of these pics form Kristen and Jim
Here we are on the actual 4th. Not as tan as I would like to be at this point of the summer, but at least I was "Patriotic" in my red dress.
And how cute is Kristen's baby bump? Only a few weeks left to go! - and P.S> that is the other Aunt Katie (jims college rooommate)
And here is most of the Dowd crew down by the lake.
And that is all...Pat had my camera in Africa still so I didn't fully document this super fun weekend.

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