Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Nothing makes me hate myself more than when I genuinely start to hate high school kids on TV. Why am I watching their show? Why do I care at the age of 25 what a bunch of 15 yr old idiots are doing at a prep school in New York?.....and even worse why do thoughts like "who would want to make out with these fug boys anyways" creep into my brain.
I watched this show for the first time yesterday during my lunch hour. I usually go home, grab a snack, sit on my couch, and try to find anything better than "what Not to Wear" on TLC to watch. Yesterday was no different, but it was the first time I saw this particular show. It is so sad how the kids on this show are trying so desperately to be adults but then you see how immature and "fragile" (for a lack of a better term) they really are when something goes wrong. Like the high school senior who is meeting up with a 25 yr old for a blind date and is curiously able to order a bottle of wine while filming a show about his life in high school....then the Woman (hello pedophile) never shows up and despite all efforts to look like a grown up - sitting in a restaurant, ordering wine, dressed like a total choch art dealer....he still sounds like a total baby dealing with his embarrassment over being stood up. Where are these kids parents??? and why do people even have children when they have no plans of being present?
Whatever the case I was appalled....at the kids and at myself for watching the show.
I just want to thank God that no one ever roped me into doing a reality show when i was thinking, saying, and doing all of the dumb crap that I did when I was a teenager. Although, had i been on a reality show in high school there would have been much MORE N'sync and much LESS making out - But maybe that is why I never had my own show...... or a boyfriend ha ha.


Ashley said...

ahh, I have seen that show a couple times while I was at the gym...I was wondering how they get to DRINK too!? What bars/restaurants would allow that to be taped!? One of the girls is trying to get into Harvard, and talks about it a lot…I am sure Harvard will love that!

Erin and James said...

hillarious! I watched that episode and I wanted to die. and i totally thought the same thing about some child ordering wine! then the girl with the really wacked teeth who will never have a bf, with blonde hair, i wanted to kill her. never again will i watch that show, pathetic

Katie OB said...

Sometimes I think I am too nice on this blog...I wrote like 2 more paragraphs about that blonde girl with jacked up teeth and then I decided to erase them becasue they were so waful...maybe I should have kept them. Ha ha