Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wall Paper Hell.

While I generally consider my house to be extra cute there were a few areas that were far from it. Lucky for Pat and I the lack of cuteness came in the form of wall paper so it will not require removing walls, adding cabinetry or any other major renovation to get the rooms up to par. Nonetheless, I do have a new found major dislike for the art of removing wall paper. In a nutshell - It completely blows. I am terrified that the amount of hot water required to loosen the paper (I tried "Diff" and it sucks) will end up ruining my floors in the end...somehow my mist turns into giant puddles that need to be cleaned off of the wood every 3-5 minutes and that requires me coming down from the ladder, getting a whole new pile of dry rags from the laundry room - and basically it has just been really really annoying.
I wish i could just ignore it and leave it on the walls but we are talking about a "BonVoyage Paris" motif in the 1/2 bath downstairs, black and white sheet music in the guest bathroom upstairs, a cute little sports border in one of the bedrooms that would be fine but we dont have any kids so it is kind of creepy, and quite possibly the least attractive look is a "country basket, gingham, apple" motif in my mud room/laundry room. It simply cannot continue to exist in my house without causing me a great deal of anxiety.
Soo- it has pretty much all been taken care of. Pat and i have spent the last 2 nights and part of the last weekend (actually the weekend was just Pat. I was in chicago for my sisters baby shower) working on it. We only have about 6 feet of basket border left, one more bedroom, and then we will have to tackle the wall cleaning and re-painting and we will be done.
I can't wait! (read: sarcasm)


Melissa said...

i totally feel your pain. imagine layers of wallpaper in our old house--it was miserable. let me know if you need any help this weekend :)

Jessie said...

I was tearing down wallpaper last weekend and the best thing i found was a steamer. works wonders!!! i highly recommend it. good luck.