Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chicago Baby Shower.

So I have mentioned this on here before....but Pat and I will soon be Aunt Katie and Uncle Pat. To celebrate that fact I went to my sisters baby shower in Chicago this past weekend. My mom and Jim's mom (her husband) put on quite the shower.
I helped with some of the decorations including this cute little clothesline hanging in the back. As always with pictures of decorations (oh yeah and of me too) it always looks cuter in person :) ha ha
Here are the proud parents to be...Jim is dressed in his summer's finest which luckily also coordinated really well with the decor. How cute are they?
Some of the guests in attendance all seated in front of the cute little pink cupcake table with another clothesline that had cute little onesies and bibs that said things like "Gorgeous Just like my Mom"
I wish that Lauren could have been there too! We were missing a sister this weekend (and one other aunt Katie) but they will all be coming to visit from California when the baby is born.
A little snapshot of the food table that had some really fun custom flower pots that my mom decorated. We had delicious chicken salad with grapes, a zucchini/basil/phyllo dough dish, deviled eggs, muffins, fruit, peach/goat cheese and candied pecan salad...and my personal favorite: Knox blocks ( which is really cute layered jello (the green stuff in front) that my mom makes(although it is usually in Christmas colors).
All of the beautiful and adorable gifts for little baby Dowd!
And again...just for the sake of documenting the progress from the last preggers picture of her. Kristen! one of the cutest pregnant ladies I have seen in a long time!

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Erin and James said...

seriously your sister is the hottest prego mama i have ever seen!