Thursday, July 2, 2009

nice face.

In honor of my husbands trip that he is currently on in South Africa I decided to don this wonderful Lion hat I found at the MGM Grand in Vegas along with the obnoxious Miley Cyrus platypus face. I think I pulled it off pretty well. Don't I look annoying?

Anyways, Miley Cyrus aside...I miss my freakin husband! He has been gone a week now and we have only talked once for about 2 minutes. He is in the middle of nowhere being all safari chic and I am at home wondering all day long what it must be like to see all of those wild animals and marveling at how times change. We used to spend 2-3 months apart on a regular basis back when Pat was playing baseball and I was usually fine with it. We did talk non stop, but still...I was tougher. I did 2 months apart like a champ compared to how wimpy I am being with the 3 week departure.

The funny thing is that all of this time away has made me realize that i don't think we have honestly ever gone 24 hours without talking (ever) in the last (almost) 8 yrs!! That doesn't mean we never call each other just to say "Hi whats up - you suck" but it does mean that we have never broken up or really not liked each other enough to not call. Funny huh? And then when i am all bored and lonely I think about the fact that we have been together 8 years. In my mind that makes me feel like we met when i was about 10 but was on my 18th birthday that we met. I used an ID that belonged to a girl he was sort of dating to get into a bar and we pretty much fell in love after that ( side note: I guess pat had a "type". I used her ID because she was the only other 5'10 blonde with green eyes in the bar). Don't worry though....we didn't meet in that bar. We met shortly before that in a dorm room doorway where I offered him a french fry. Jim (my sisters now husband) told me all about Pat and how he was the nicest guy he had ever met - a super hot baseball player -a smart little finance major - and all around superstar. Lucky for me he wasn't lying and Pat really was super nice and funny and awesome.....the only downside was that he was gone all the time.

We were officially together by October of my freshman year and he left in December to go to Spring training. From that point on until the following September I would maybe see him a combined total of maybe 20 days. That went on for 5 more years like that!!! So I guess it sort of makes sense that now that we can be together for the full year i don't really want to be apart even if it is for just 3 weeks....and especially because it is one of my absolute favorite holidays this weekend. Bummer. I was looking forward to some lovey dovey firework time.

* for those of you that are going to read this and tell me that i am on crack pretending that i am 5'10", I will point out that when i started college I was that tall...unfortunately I just grew another inch and a half after that. I am huge. ha ha.

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