Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mini Frogs, ADD, and Me

My morning started out well. I was in a really good mood and actually walked out the door before 8:00 to get to work on time. I had a very fulfilling glass of water for breakfast. I loaded a few dishes in the dishwasher and made my way to the garage. I am even wearing a new shirt to work so I was feeling good. When I opened the door and walked back to get in my car I realized that there was this adorable little miniature frog that would be right in the path of my tires when I pulled out. I decided to spare his life and so I sort of chased him (one very tiny short hop at a time) to the side. He reallly only moved like 12 inches total but i had to go to work so I just decided to get in my car and be extremely careful. I watched in my drivers side mirror to make sure that i wasn't going to run over this little dime sized kermit and as I watched and as I worried....I took my Effing mirror off the other side of my car!!!!! GRRRRRRR. Why can't I multi task? Why did i just cost myself probably $500 to spare the life of some dumb little frog that probably just ruins plants in my yard anyways? I hate animals. What (yep I said it)? seriouslyI do. It's out. And something else you should know about me -When i got out of my car to survey the damage I literally looked at the frog and said "eff you" although I did actually use the F-word. It is a filthy habit that I wish I could stop but sometimes no other word seems to express my true feelings.

I have a truck driver mouth, I knocked the mirror off of my car, I hate animals and now you know.


Ashley said...

I SAW one of these tiny frogs last night! I had never seen one before, and it was trying to get in my house-it was sticking to my patio door. I tried to make my dog eat it, but she was even too grossed out!
That stinks about your mirror trying to save the little creature!
The Yard LOOKS Gorgeous! I hate doing that stuff! Good LUCK keeping it up!

Cristina said...

Ugh - How annoying!!! I have knocked the mirror off my car before and it is such a pain. That was your good deed for the month. Think of it that way!

And I completely understand what you mean about hating animals. I take it a step further and dislike all children except for mine.

And sometimes the F word truly is the only word that will work. Don't feel bad about having a truck driver mouth - mine is awful!