Friday, September 24, 2010

ummm yeah

Dude - i have been at work for 25 minutes and i already want to pull my hair out.

I have this one rep that calls into me all the time and is always like giddy laughing.....except it isn't a nice/fun laugh - it is a "you are so stupid Katie, let me tell you why" kind of laugh.

And in reality he is always wrong.

I can't help it if he is a big freaking idiot and doesn't scroll down to page 2 of his attachments.

I can't help it either that I want to cringe every time i say his name.

It is Grayfeather.

That is his name.

Nothing against american indians either. I hate this guy and i hate his name because I don't even think this guy is an indian.

I get the feeling that he was maybe in Indian guides (like a girl scout) or something and that Grayfeather is just a nickname. His email address is doug@______

I want to kill myself every time he calls.

8:15 is way too early for a "you are stupid Katie" call.
just felt like venting.

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