Thursday, September 9, 2010

wedding season

do you want to know what is "sweet" about being pregnant?
Umm every effing dress made to fit your body looks like this fug creation above.
is it so much to ask that i want to look glamorous and put together at the upcoming nuptials of my friends??? Just becasue i am pregnant doesn't mean that i am boring. I want something fabulous and unless I find something stretchy (in a big big size) that was meant to fit a human shaped person (that i can manage to stretch over the bump) I am sentenced to looking like an amish secretary at all 3 weddings i have coming up.
And dont try to comfort me with the cute shoes/cute accessories bit. I hate accessories. Big earings will only make me feel more ridiculous.
I swear i have checked everywhere. Even the seemingly talented designers who happen to have maternity lines completely disappoint and insist that you wear a round neck, knee length, fugtastic, run of the mill, church dress.
there is only one length and one neckline available....and that length.....and that neckline..... is suck!!!!!!
don't count on seeing a lot of pictures of these weddings i will be attending....unless of course one of you happens to know someone at BCBG that wants to make me a drapey, sexy, pregnant godess dress :)


Anonymous said...

I feel you Katie!!! We are going to a ball this weekend & I had to get a dress...a long dress. I couldn't find anything so I bought a regular dress in a huge size & I'm having it altered. Ugghh. Have you tried Destination Maternity??? They have and expensive designer line??? Maybe you should go up to Beachwood & check it out??

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ahh. You better show pictures.
I am in a wedding in Octboer out in Chicago. My bridesmaid dress arrived via FedEx yesterday. It is made for normal non-pregnant people. I ordered it a little big and now it is big in all the wrong places!!! I need some serious help from the seamstress, but I think I will still look fug next to all the other size 0 bridemaids and bride! YEY. PICTURES that will last forever!

Comfy Cozy Boutique said...

Theres this store here on the island called palm palm that has amazing drapey stretchy dresses...some one shouldered and others. I here ya! Ill keep my eyes open!

Christina Nicolson said...

Hey Katie,

I'm already stressing over clothes and I'm only 4 months so I can totally understand. Everyone says maternity clothes are so cute nowadays, and some stuff is down right fugly. Diane von furstenberg seems to always make dresses that are so flowy and run big, you should try her. Also, I have ordered a few casual dresses on this website that could def be dressed up for weddings. They are expensive, but really good quality.

Hope that helps. :)


Comfy Cozy Boutique said...

Good Find Christina! i love this one!

Christina Nicolson said...

I totally have it in black. ;)