Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Young Forever?

You know that one Katie Perry song that goes something like:
"you cant put your hands on me
...in my skin tight jeans
I can be your teenage dream

well this "one guy I know" changed the lines to that song.....and all the changes were inspired by my hot tamale-ness these days. You have to love being serenaded with words like:

"you can put your hands on me in
la la la la......

Catchy right???
I definitely laughed but ummmmm Yep- Its official. It has been confirmed that i am the polar opposite of Katie Perry's inspiration for that song.
"Young forever" my ass. I am waiting for the 2 year follow up where Katie Perry tells me how "teenage dreamy" she feels in her 10 inch elastic waisted maternity jeans. THAT would be a hit in my books....maybe "that guy i know" could help her out with the lyrics?
So anyways for all of you young bishes that love that song (and in all seriousness I really do like it too)You need to know that despite the fact that you may look something like this now:
This is "teenage" Katie circa 2001 in a reject model photo.

You might also look more like the picture below once you decide that growing up is fun and that you want to start a family of really cute little babies....The hip bones - okay all of your bones - at least temporarily get traded in for this puff pastry:
That is the truth.
You will not feel young. You probably wont feel super hot.
But it is fun.....
I promise.
And you can still sing songs about people your babysitters age and act like it is still about you and your young hotness. Just don't do it out loud, or the people around you might call you out.
oh yeah - and don't think for one second that i think the skinny picture is some hot shot of me - my face looks ridic. I just wanted to reminisce with myself and remember the times when my body fat was less than 40% and i still ate in-n-out like 13 times a week.


Sarah said...

Ha love it,,, girl I feel ya

my post delivery body is no teenage dream more like a nightmare, but it's so worth it everytime I look at my baby girl.. I think I would do over 100 times.

Christi Ferguson said...

Soooo, that picture of you in a bathing suit was sooo not what I wanted to see as I sit here eating my breakfast burrito. :) And you are quite possibly the cutest pregnant girl ever! Seriously!

And Graham changes lyrics to songs for me too! Aren't they romantic?? Haha.

Erin said...

hillarious! didn't you win best body with sam and jenn in high school. oh the glory days! I look at old pics pre baby and sometimes want to cry! well you still look at hot, and there is something about all those new curves that give you a great different perspective and still make you feel hot to your hubby!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I think you look wonderful now!!
I mean, hot then, but still hot now! :)

Cristina said...

You look adorable! Don't look at old pictures of yourself when you are pregnant - the hormones can do CRAZY things! Hope you're feeling good and getting excited - you're almost there!

ali said...

Katie! I don't like you at all right now A. b/c you once looked like that! and B. b/c you still look like that just with a basketball in your tummy. Meanwhile I sit here in Miami among the beautiful people, feeling frumpy and not even trying to look hot, b/c even if I did, people would just see an old, tired out mom who is trying way too hard. Boooo me! But at least my baby is super cute and yours will be too ;)

Jenny DB said...

Well I think both pictures are HOT! And having a baby is beautiful. So whatevs :-) Oh and I love katy perry hehe