Wednesday, September 8, 2010

you might have heard....

Maybe i mentioned it on here before, but ummmm Pat and I are having a baby.
Its a girl (we think - ummmmm 70% girl according to the doctors if you will remember)

According to my baby ticker (that scared the crap out of me today)she is set to arrive in only 101 days (that is if she is a planner, like her dad, and she decides that being born on her due date is a good idea).

I know that there is no way to plan, but one thing i do know is that we are going to meet this baby in a maximum of 107 days.

She will be born by Christmas.
Holy Heart Attack.
that is really soon.

I do have a crib, i do have a changing table, I do have baby skinny jeans but ummm everything else????


That's what the future is for. Right?
So how the heck is the "future" coming up so quickly?

I need to buy the essentials: a car seat, a boppy, diapers, wipes, a giant dairy milking cow pump...the list goes on and on. This REALLY is happening.


Help me out - clearly anyone that buys skinny jeans for a baby is nuts. I need to know - what are the essentials?? what is something i seriously cant live without??? Really, if you wouldn't mind, leave me a little comment. I need to cross check my registry and cover all my bases. It would be greatly appreciated :)

*Sidenote on the skinny jeans: I realize there is probably a 0% chance that i will be able to get these on and/or off of my baby...they are kinda just for show....if you saw the tiny little butt on these jeans you sooooo would have bought them too!!!....oh and you should also know that i bought turquoise flats to go with these baby jeans. I die.

**2nd sidenote: Do you realize....that there is a 30% chance that my baby girl is really a boy? do you also realize that i wont have another ultrasound until the week after my baby shower? Just imagine the blog post when i find out at 30+ weeks that the crystal chandelier, pink bedding, rug, drapes, and every single piece of clothing has to be returned or packed away. I would(seriously) DIE if that turns out to be the cse.....not becasue it is a boy.....that would be equally as amazing. I would die knowing that i have to re-plan EVERYTHING. lol....can you imagine? that would happen to me.


Mary Kate said...

OK, I know tend to swim against the tide, but you really need very little in the way of baby stuff.

Let me start by telling you what (in 6 kids in 15 years) I have NEVER had/needed:

-a crib
-a breast pump
-a boppy
-any breastfeeding "accessories"

I am neither insane nor a saint (far from it!) nor a sadist! OK, I might be a little crazy. ;-)

You will absolutely need:

-LOTS of onesies (short and long sleeves)
-a few of those baby dressing gowns (so easy for middle of the night diaper changes; Baby Nay makes some darling gowns w/ matching hats & blankies)
-burp cloths, burp cloths, & more burp cloths
-baby hats
-for a winter baby, some warm jammies
-car seat
-a bundle me
-glider rocker with ottoman
-A copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding (don't laugh, I'm actually serious on this one!)
-COFFEE (don't buy any nurse's or lactation consultant's crap about caffeine or booze being bad for baby while bfeeding, either)
-LOTS of support.

-swing (some babies love 'em, some hate 'em)
-a moby wrap
-cute clothes
-Pacifiers (really beware of these, tho. I have first-hand experience with these interfering with latch and weight gain. Better to use them AFTER 6 weeks, if you can.)

Everything else is just "fun-ness" (as my kids say!). Of course, this is just what worked for me and my family, but I just wanted to let you know that it really doesn't have to be that complicated or expensive and it still really joyful (sometimes MORE joyful!). ALso, since I've had 2 babies around the holidays, I would also advise you to do as much as you can BEFORE, then DON'T DO ANYTHING once she's here. NOTHING is more important than snuggling with that baby and who cares about Santa, wrapping gifts, etc! Just enjoy her!

More importantly, when are you getting her ears pierced???? j/k

Good luck, Katie! It's going to be wonderful (even the suck-lousy parts!)! I'm praying for you!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I dont know what you will need...haha. I am just going to copy other people's registries when it comes to that time. Your little girl is going to be SO well dressed!!! II cant wait!
AND, I hope she is still a girl. MY friend was told by the Dr. she was having a all boy stuff, and then on birth day, out popped a girl. I have seen this little girl in boys clothes before, so I guess not everything was returned! :)
Go gender neutral on the big ticket items...Like car seat, carriers, etc. I mean, if you are concerned.

Brian and Katie said...

Here is what you need:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

AND start / keep reading:

Deep Breaths, you got this, KT OB.

Madeleine said...

All I can say Katie is that you are way ahead of me. When you mentioned skinny jeans I thougt...why yes I do have really cute maternity skinny jeans. I have not even thought about clothes, or anything, for this baby!

Anonymous said...

Katie you are fine!!! We will get you all set up...would it help if we took a trip to Babies R Us??? I'll try to make a list. Umm also I am really nervous for you on the 70% isn't there a place that does 3D ultrasound or something around here

Anonymous said...

You are totally going to get everything you need- don't worry! The nice prego workers at babies r us are going to help you make a registry with anything you could need. And then all your family and friends will get you any essentials you may have forgotten to include. I'm with Amanda on being a little concerned about the whole 30 percent chance of boy! Maybe you can explain the sit to your doc and she can bump your ultrasound a couple weeks! Good luck buddy ;) Anna

Katie said...

An Aunt as awesome as me.

Amory can share...

ali said...

My essentials:

You don't need much at the beginning, but the boppy and lots of nursing tanks. Lots of extra sheets for your bassinet/crib b/c she's inevitably going to soak them with pee or puke a couple times a night. And steal all the swaddles and hats you can from the hospital - you'll never find larger swaddles or a hat that will stay on her head better. Also - we were big fans of the bouncy seat.

Can I just tell you how excited I am to hold this baby! You're gonna have to kick me out of your house once she gets here.