Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dry me out!

So in preparation for another weekend wedding i brought one of Pats suits, my dress, 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts to the dry cleaners so that everything would be crisp and clean for the festivities.
Much to my surprise when i went to go pick up my 6 pieces they charged me $70.
$70 for that?
were they kidding?
I thought that the suit would be a little expensive and maybe even my dress but seriously - the dress is like knee length cotton jersey. it wasn't an actual "wedding dress" that i was planning on wearing to this wedding.
So anyways i asked for a price list just so i could see what i was really in for.
They "don't have one"
Okay well then can i get a receipt?
"sure"....but when i got the reciept it wasn't itemized.
Still trying to keep my cool i asked how much did the suit cost? she said 12 dollars.
which in my mind is reasonable - "fine....okay so how much was the dress"
she said "$35"
i said....Ummm excuse me are you kidding?
she said well the manager marked it as "fancy"and she also marked it as "floor length."
I laughed and reminded her that it is knee length and not really that fancy and her response was:
"well look at how tall you are"

BITCH. You are kidding right?my knee length= your floor length so double charge me because you are an effing pygmy??

you mean to tell me that i am obligated to pay more because i happen to be tall?
I would love to see this chick tell the fat lady that her giant blouse will cost the same as a king size duvet cover because she had too many cheeseburgers.
somehow i doubt that will happen.

People are so stupid!!!!!
obviously i will never go to this place again. I hate to be cheap, but i also hate getting swindled by some idiot who is trying to sell me some ridiculous illogical excuse for an overcharge.
i am not 9 feet tall.
I do not wear circus tents (well i didn't until i was pregnant).
I do shop at normal stores.
my clothes are no different than give me a break.

i HATE the dry cleaners!!!!

(oh and by the way- if you are lucky enough to live in California - never stop appreciating the dirt cheap dry cleaning and mani/pedis.....they don't exist elsewhere. Dry cleaning and getting your nails done costs more than college tuition here. i wish i knew how lucky i was when i still lived there )


jeannie said...

Holy Crap! I cannot believe she had the nerve to say that! I think you need to move to Cleveland...dry cleaners are a little more expensive...but much more polite!

Anonymous said...

I hate the dry cleaner & I had the alterations place too. GRRR!!! I wish I had the fight in me that I use to to argue with these people. You really should call and talk to a Manager...maybe you could get a credit???

Plus: Can I just say...way to rip off a pregnant lady!!! What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

ugh..I meant HATE..the alterations place..not HAD! LOL!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

ahhh, I Just picked up one men's suit, one men's shirt (with medium starch becaues I didnt know what else to do) and one dress last week, and the dress was also $35 because they said it was "fancy" and I didnt argue. I DID get an itemized list and the shirt was only $2.00! Basically in my experience, women's clothes are way more expensive to dry clean! rude.

Jenny DB said...

ok i'm really sorry that happened to you but i really enjoyed reading it, because, well it's good to know i'm not the only one who can't stand this shit!!!! definitely.. never go back!!!! grrr. also, my bf is from idaho and it's so funny to go there and try to find a cheap mani/pedi. i was like, where are the amazing vietnamese hole in the walls... Umm yeah, they don't exist

Anonymous said...

That lady is a bitch! But your story made me laugh out loud! We use City Cleaners. Def not the cheapest but they pick up and drop off at the house.

Heidi Chandler said...

HAHAHA...its the same in Kauai. Its $40 for a mani pedi and the same for dry cleaning as your winner of a cleaners there. First thing I do when i get to the oc is get my nails did. SO cheap. Then I go to a nice dinner and feel good that there most expensive dish is the cheapest in Kauai's grand scheme of fine dining. That and I just bought strawberries for a $1/lb at SPROUTS! hehe love it. =)