Monday, October 25, 2010

32 weeks...and the nursery :)

Here is a 32 week update. Anyone else sick of seeing me with my hand on my hip in every single picture i take these days?? I am...but you should see what pictures look like without that elbow. Angles are good ladies. I may look like a dork, but something needs to balance out all of the roundness :) stay tuned because these next 8 weeks could get very interesting. I just hope you will still be able to see my elbows by December 18th!

And enough about me. In much bigger/better news- does anyone want to see the princess palace we created for the baby?
you do??? okay
and you want to know what we are naming her right???

well here you go...
this is Ashlyn's nursery :)

soft pinks....light grey.....a baby crystal chandelier....i die.
the bedding close up.

and one fabulous, overstuffed closet filled with gorgeous girl garb.

I bought this chair at a cute little baby boutique by my house. It has a really high back which is so nice for when i happen to fall asleep here. It also reclines.

I'm a little nervous about the white but i guess we will just have to wait and see how that goes - it was too pretty to pass up (ha ha)

and this little element is so much cuter in person. I bought some fabric that matched the changing pad and made this little hair bow board. For my shower, everyone brought me a headband or a hair bow for little Ashlyn. She pretty much has every single color and pattern a girl could imagine. And this doesn't even include her impressive collection of hats.Keep in mind that pat and i were both pretty bald for a good long time, but i do l really look forward to the day when Ashlyn can learn her colors by pointing out which bow she feels like wearing for the day.

All of this with only an 80% chance that this is a girl.

I will either feel like a total idiot...or very lucky that my intuition was correct.

i guess we will see in December.

How "funny" would it be if i have to post the total room remodel and renaming of Baby OB????
(don't worry - there are plans to reverse all of this if we are surprised with a little boy)


Ashley Paige said...

love her sweet name! and that nursery is ADORABLE! i love the soft pink and grey touches.. so sweet and so classic at the same time! and that chandelier.. oh that chandelier! love it! you look great mama! roundness and all ;)

Samantha said...

COMPLETELY ADORABLE!! i love love love this room. you did a great job Katie!!!

Erin said...

man...she is already to go!!! I love her room, great job and I love the name ashlyn too!!!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

That bow board is awesome!
I registered for that same changing pad cover yesterday!
The room look fabulous and cant wait to see little Ashlyn in it!
My mom just dropped off a bag of baby girl clothes to me and she said "HOw sure are you that you are having a girl because you cant return this come March"
I was told 98% girl, and I am worried about buying all pink :)

Brian and Katie said...

Katie, it's all beautiful!!! Obsessed with the bows and the pink/gray/bling combo (wish that was my room) and I LOVE the name! PS I have that same sweater you are wearing :)

Anonymous said...

I love it all!!! Especially that hand on the hip pose :) That little room is just the cutest thing ever!!! I love her name on the wall & the sweet!!!!

Sarah said...

the pink and grey look great

jessie said...

omg! her room is adorable! i loooove that chandelier ! can she just come already? :)

Cristina said...

Katie you look great! And I love her sweet :)

Jenny DB said...

LOVE the name Ashlyn, and you look fabulous :-) the bumps a good look on you hehe