Thursday, January 28, 2010

T-rex in Akron?

Do you remember that one part in Jurassic Park where the kids are sitting in the jeep and all of a sudden a giant like sheep leg gets spit out onto the roof of their car?
That sort of happened to me yesterday.
I was driving to work, minding my own business when i suddenly had to swerve out of the way because there is a giant "deer".....noooo, scratch that, "deer leg and butt" in the road in front of my car. I simultaneously swerved out of the way, screamed and dry heaved (imagine AHHHHHUuuuLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPP) barfffff.
Oddly the rest of the deer was no where to be found and only its poor little leg was there to seriously make me puke. I feel like the culprit was more likely a T-Rex than a car though. Where the heck was the rest of it? Ewww never mind. I don't want to know.
I HATE all of the roadkill here. I swear you have no idea. I played a game once while driving from my house to a meeting south of here - where i would see a dead deer, count to 30 - and see how far into the 30 second count I could get before seeing another. I rarely made it past 20 seconds. It is sooo gross.
Don't mistake this for me not caring about animals though. The road kill disgusts and saddens me every time i see it. I keep having flashbacks....even today. Yuck I wish I could put big fences up on either side of all of the roads. Maybe even electric ones that would keep T-Rex's off of Ghent road.
Poor Deer :(

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mrsrsm4 said...

I hate road kill too!!! I have to blur my vision when I even get a glimpse...because I have flashbacks too! I have yelled at Shade so many time for seeing a dead deer and yelling deer....which makes me look and then I want to cry and puke! My biggest fear is hitting a deer. Driving down Bath Road at night is so scary because of all the deer!!!