Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holy Hiatus!

I am back!!! 12 days in Florida kept me away from blogging, but it did finally give me a chance to upload some lonnnnnng overdue pictures to a computer. My home computer isn't working and I didn't think it was a good idea to load 758 (yes seriously) pictures onto my work comp, so it has taken me a while to come up with some new material.
This is the backyard that has been keeping me away from the good old blog...I was faced many times with the choice of do i "go out on the boat?or write online?....BOAT!" "go kayaking? or blog?....KAYAK" "have a drink? or type......DRINK" sooooo yeah, this little diary has def been neglected.

BUT - I am home now and I want to keep track of all of the "going ons" as of here is the update
the whole fam bamily (pat, Katie, Dad, Jim, Amory, Kristen, Mom, Lauren, and Marty)
So obviously - update #1 -We took some new family pictures since we were all together for once, and as you may have noticed....I (like a few other people in blog land and in real life) have decided that bangs would be a nice update to my look. I wasn't ready to go short, but i have felt like i am sans-style these days so I took a cue from Kate Hudson and went all fringey.

Update #2 -I finally got to spend some time with my long lost sister lauren.... and marty and kristen and jim and amory and Jessie and my grandmas,a and my aunt, and my uncle, and my cousin, and my mom and dad too...but Lauren was missing for the longest so that was cool.
My mom made her pose for this picture because she claims that she doesn't have another picture of Lauren (alone) since her high school senior pictures.
Marty and Jessie still win the award for freaking hottest couple ever
i still love my siblings...
and Update #3 - the boys actually caved and decided to be willing participants in our family photo shoot.
Update #4 - i have really cute, nice, wonderful, generous, parents. Christmas was so fun - they are great hosts!
Update #5 - I have fallen even more in love with my fancy pants niece Amory! She is just the sweetest little thing. She is all smiles and no one looks cuter in a little headband than she does. We got a little bonding time in and hopefully i will get to catch up with her again at her baptism soon. I am the Godmom :)
Update #6- Kristen is a really great Mom. It is so fun to see your sister with a baby that she doesn't have to give back to the real mom at the end of the day. Obviously Amory love love loves her (as you can see by her attempt to eat her face) and I am thankful that Kristen lets me steal Amory all the time for some "practice"
Update #7 - Pat and I are still in love and I actually like this picture of us, which is rare....but it is especially cute because it reminds me of our first date. Pat wore pretty much the exact same thing the first time we went out, i liked it then and I still like it now :)

Ummm what else?.....Everything is good. I am really looking forward to 2010.
I plan to get back on the 15 different wagons i have fallen off of as of late (blogging more, eating less, working out more, becoming more patient, working harder at work, getting rid of my potty mouth)...Just the same goals as always with a renewed desire to pursue them.
There is much more to add but i am getting annoyed having to rearrange all the text every time I ad a picture ( i did this one backwards since i am out of practice-oops)....and I said i would be working harder at work and spending an hour on my blog (while working does not coincide with that goal)
sooooooooo - i'm done for now, but I hope you all had a very merry Christmas....and a Happy New year!

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Erin said...

i was just wondering what happened to you! glad to see you back. your niece is sooo dang adorable! hope you did a lot of snuggling, diapers and getting spit up on to get the real "practice." you have one of the prettiest families ever!