Friday, January 29, 2010

It is SUCH a small world!

I have always been completely amazed and intrigued with hearing "small world" stories....Maybe even more than the average bear. They are just so interesting and surprisingly I think they happen fairly often.

Oddly, these stories (for me at least) often hinge around one of my friends in particular. This friend has moved around a lot so I suppose that that would increase the likliehood of her running into more people that i might possibly know, but over and over again these instances keep occurring.....
For instance:
Way back in the day, when Pat was playing baseball he lived with this one very nice guy. His girlfriend came to visit him during the same weekend I was visiting Pat. I think this was my freshman year of college. Anyways, I got to talking with the girlfriend and she said that she lgrew up in Virginia. On a whim (becasue Virginia isn't a giant state with boat loads of people - not) I say, " Oh, thats cool one of my girlfirends from middle school lived in Virgina for 3 years"...oh really? where? " Vienna - she went to blah blah blah high school" welll guess what? They went to the same high school and knew each other! It was so weird. I had never met this person. I was living in Indiana at the time she lived in a different state too, but we were both visiting boyfriends in North Carolina and we happened to know the same person in Virginia.
It gets weirder.
Actually, it gets weirder with this same couple. The man half of the couple had a sister. And that sister happened to go to college at SMU in Dallas. That sister happened to be the freshman year roommate of one of my good friends that was going to SMU that was from Orange County. Seriously? Crazy! We are talking connections (very close connections) between people in like 7 different states.

Then there is another story. I was looking on facebook the other day and i noticed a picture of a girl who I lived near for years growing up -We went to all of the same schools: elementary, middle, and high school. Her dad was my little brother's basketball coach. Well anyways she moved to a different state on the opposite side of the country....we dont talk anymore but "naturally" I checked out her facebook pics and there is a picture of her and a girl that i have met since living in Ohio. I have nooooo idea how they know each other, the picture was taken in New York, but i kind of feel like a creeper having even realized this weird connection so I am just going to keep it to myself.

Annnnd (yes it keeps going on) just last night another weird instance: one of my best friends from California (who also happens to be the same friend that lived in Virginia that i talked about above) is having a baby in a few months. I haven't met the Dad yet, but just last night after tallkinf to my sister on the hone we realized that my sister and my brother-in-law both know him from college. He lived in the same dorm as Jim at Notre Dame (in Indiana)....Eron met this guy when she lived in San Francisco.

What the heck right?

Its like I am Kevin matter who you are there are a maximum of 6 people seperating us.



Lauren said...

Ok, so I have a feeling the SMU connection has to do with Brittany, but since it is such a small world and Brittany was MY freshman year roommate at SMU - who was the connection? I vaguely remember this story, but can't seem to remember who the connection was?

Cristina said...

Who is the elementary school person??? Nohl Canyon Roadrunners represent!