Wednesday, August 5, 2009

welcome back old friend

Do you want to know what happens when I lose weight? ....I start to feel skinny, and becasue i no longer feel like the state of Texas, I remember how much I enjoy cheese and crackers and french fries....and who am I kidding - beer too. Pretty soon I am right back where I started. Not any higher, just back to looking puffy in pictures and hating the way I look in a bathing suit. Because of this I am returning to some pre-easter eating habits which include: no alcohol and my favorite snack (pictured above) 100 calorie packs of popcorn with balsamic and tapatio hot sauce. Seriously it is delicious. And the hot sauce totally killls my appetite. I also bought these delicious little things:

These are also very low cal, very refreshing, and quite tasty for a little at-work summer breakfast. I have only tried the red grapefruit cups but I would highly reccomend them.

So anyways - this is the new plan. Starve a little bit, and start weighing myself again. I haven't had a scale for about 5 years and guess what? I have been "puffy" for about 5 years. I would also like to follow some of the workout plans that people post on facebook incessantly but that seems sort of unrealistic. I truly don't understand how some people manage to go to the gym at 11am, do yoga twice a day at 10 and 3 or go for a run at 4:30......what about work? Who pays the bills when your job is to work out all day then rub it in the faces of bored people who are actually working and consequently become too tired to work out afterwards? I don't get it.....but i want to.


Christi Ferguson said...

Fun little fact... Grapefruit is also an anti-bloating agent. Who knows if it actually works, but anytime I know I have to be in a bathing suit I eat like 7 a day :)

And let me state for the record. You are by no means even remotely "puffy." But it is nice to know that someone so gorgeous struggles with weight issues too!

Katie OB said...

You are so darn nice to say that :) It is amazing how much energy all girls waste worrying about their weight! Great tip with the grapefruit! If I thought i could make a grapefruit tree grow in the snow I would soooo plant one in my yard. haha

Erin and James said...

ha. that was me last night. i thought "im going to work out tonight" - i put on my workout clothes, put brady to bed at 8pm and then talked to my hubby, ate a quiet dinner together and then I was too tired. set my alarm for 5:30 this morning, then this morning I changed it to 7:30...and i dont think you look puffy at all. we are always our own worst critic!