Tuesday, August 11, 2009


When you don't have anything nice to say....don't say anything at all.

But that gets boring sometimes sooooo I am going to be honest. Guess what? Despite my recipe posts, vacation recaps, garden pictures, and mindless entries about celebrities.....I actually have some really bad days where my mood can only be described as "shitty." Things don't always go my way, and life is far from being perfect. I have however made a commitment not to complain on here though because I have always liked blogs for their ability to uplift and look on the sunny side of everybody's lives.

So I guess with this being a bad day and all, I am going to stay quiet, but fill you in on a little insight: "happy 100% of the time" bloggers- I don't believe you and I am not one of you. I appreciate your positivity - but i really don't believe you....Nonetheless, carry on with the charade

There are plenty of other places online for negativity and feel-bad stories (i.e.: any site with news updates) so despite the small lack of reality I still love you.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I promise....but for now I am just going to keep quiet until I feel like there is something "happy" worth sharing.

(for some reason I wanted to write "gossip girl" instead of my name, but i didn't- just thought you should know).


Erin and James said...

i totally know how you feel. as great as it is that everyone has positive blogs, sometimes it's nice to know that others aren't happy 100% of the time! makes me feel normal! hopefully things are better soon!

Christi Ferguson said...

I agree 100%, and in being honest, the first time I read your blog I felt like I was such a negative Nancy!... All of your posts were so upbeat and light hearted and funny! It's part of what inspired me to start blogging in general. To document the good rather than the bad, and focus on the things that were great, rather than spend everyday torturing myself with the negative. But it is nice to know you have "shitty" days too! Not that I'm celebrating your shitty day... I hope you don't take that the wrong way! I have always preferred the honest blog to the "My life's the greatest!" blog :) So, thank you for being HONEST!

Ashley said...

I LOVE this POST!! When I first started reading blogs, I was in AW that people’s lives were so perfect!! I really believed them at first. THEN, I noticed my real friend bloggers were not posting when things were not great….SO I realized most bloggers have the same mentality as you- To only write when they have something positive to say. I REALLY REALLY Tried to start my blog out that way! BUT, I caved, and couldn’t help but write the negatives too. I am such a *whiner* in real life when things don’t go my way…and writing about them and venting is good therapy sometimes!
However, I do admire your ability to stay quiet/not type when you do not have something positive to say!! Good work! I should take a lesson out of your book! :))

PS. Thanks for the comment. Eh, I REALLY thought as I am getting older, I was starting to appreciate my own body that I live in…UNTIL I SEE PICTURES! Then, I tell myself how stupid I was to think it was okay to feel comfortable in THAT body! Ha