Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday = poodle suicide (attempt)

weird stuff happened tonight...

  • A poodle ran directly head-on to my car at lightning fast speeds (in the dark) in a parking lot. Lucky for the dog I have cat-like reflexes and I managed to spare his life
  • I watched Scarface with Pat...and yes this was my first time. Apparently scarface is Cuban? Who knew? I spent the last 25 years imagining him as a total italian
  • I watched approximately 30 youtube videos....all different versions of "single ladies" by Beyonce. I would highly reccomend checking out this fantastic online library and then when you are done - call me, because I really want to learn the dance with 2 of my friends and make a video. Call me. I am serious.
  • I found this picture of my knee after I slipped on ice and fell on a curb. a while back. Couldn't help but think how awesome (and obviously attention starved i am) for taking a picture of a minor injury with the intention of posting in online so people can see how "hurt" i was. I fell so hard that i actually cried. ALthough when i was laying flat on the ground crying and a car pulled backwards around the corner to check on me - i turned my tears into half laughter just so i would look"cool"

And that was how I spent my wednesday.....

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