Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I am way Irisher than you are (probably)

I remember when St. Patricks Day meant so much more than just wearing a conservative green shirt to work. Although it has been "fun" explaining to every single person that has called me in my office today that "no, my boss didn't give me the day off....yeah can you believe it? .....with a name like Katie O'Brien- har har har (work laugh)"... I still miss the fun of st.pattys day when i was in college - or even just when i was in a slacker job in Florida where i could take off early to drink green beer and tell people that they should kiss me because I am like for real Irish. SO anyways, as an ode to the good ole days here are two pictures: one of me celebrating as an O'Connor and the other is me when i was an O'Brien.

Turtle Creek in South Bend Indiana = best place to celebrate St. Patt's day!

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