Tuesday, March 24, 2009

my blog has sucked lately....

So I have been trying to take some more pictures of what I have been up to. The problem is....i haven't been up to much. I was sick this weekend and then work has been keeping me very very very busy so my list of fun things to post is sort of limited. I have managed to make a couple of good dinners this week so i will just post about those in case you are looking for ideas. Both recipes are simple but they turned out pretty well so here you go:
Tilapia Tacos!
These were really light, fresh and delicious. I marinated the (awesome Sam's Club individually wrapped) tilapia filets in lots of lime juice, garlic, salt, pepper, and a little chili powder. Then i shredded a little cabbage, made my own guacomole, took the salsa out of the fridge, and mixed tapatio hot sauce with some light sour cream. I set all of those ingredients aside and grilled the fish up in my handy dandy grill pan. Last, but not least, I toasted the tortillas in the oven and then filled them with all of the good stuff - They were easy, fast and delicious.
Then on Tuesday night (tonight) i decided to try to make Jambalaya. Our friend Chris in Florida made it a few times when we would go to his house and it was always so good. It's not like I am any fancy louisianian but I do like to chop so this was a good recipe for me.

Jazzy ( i hate that word but whatev) Jambalaya!!!
Chop up - a medium onion, two stalks of celery, green or yellow pepper. Throw it into the good ole crock pot. Empty a 28oz can of diced tomatoes, add a cup of reduced sodium chicken broth. sliced andouille sausage, and 2 boneless skinnless chicken breasts all diced up.
Mix in a bunch of old bay seasoning, hot sauce, oregeno, thyme, salt, pepper, then ignore it for about 6 hours while it cooks on low. Make a little bit of white rice and pour the jambalaya over the top. You can also add in some shrimp with about 5 minutes to go - but I opted away from this because i like all kinds of shrimp except for the kind that i make. It always taste awful if i have anything to do with it
So the one other boring thing that i have decided to update you on for today are my new recycleable shopping bags that i bought for 99cents a piece. I am very proud of them. They actually hold about 10 times the amount of groceries that a plastic bag does and I just feel all smart when i hand them to the bagger :)

My mom would be so proud! You should buy these too (if you haven't already).

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Erin and James said...

yummy! im going to have to try those recipes!