Monday, March 30, 2009

My Parents are 2 in 576,000!

Sure they are awesome (probably more like the two coolest people in a trillion infinity) but as far as their odds of being struck by lightning: My parents are 576000 to 1...and they did it. Luckily it was just their house and no one was hurt, but yesterday my parents got a big ol surge of electricity that as my mom joked ( i think) left her hair kind of frizzy and their tv and phones fried! Weird huh?
Glad you are okay Mom Dad and Buddha!

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Lauren said...

OH NO! Phil & Denise's house was hit by lightening a few years ago and it was a nightmare - they lost so many things...phones, pool equipment, small electronics, etc. Fortunately they were ok. So glad to hear the same for the O'Cs!