Friday, July 30, 2010

20 weeks - 14 vs. 2

14-2. That is the count for girls vs. boys born in the last 31 years on my side of the family . We have Lauren, Kristen, Katie(me), Brandy, Kelly, Meghan, Amy, Allison, Jillian, Jackie, Shayla, Jennifer.......Amory and now ?????????
(Marty and Finn are still going to have to wait it out as the only boys)!!
Pat and I went for our ultrasound yesterday to get the good news on our baby's gender. It was my first ever which seems nuts because i am officially 20 weeks as of Thursday but the really good news is everything looks healthy and on-track - which is such an unbelievable relief. We are soo excited to have a little girl! and kind of surprised too. I think 90% of the guesses ahead of time were for a boy.
Funny story about the ultrasound....Pat and i and lots of other people have been dying to find out for sure what this little baby was going to be. I, of course, just had this feeling that the baby wasn't going to be in a great position to show us his/her business. I guess i was joking when i thought about it and i didn't really think it would happen, but then when we got to the appointment it seemed like my anxiety might have been more intuition.When the appointment first started we asked the nurse what the likelihood of finding out the gender would be. She said that they almost always find out....unless of course the baby is breech and has its legs crossed.
Ummm guess who was breech with their legs crossed? yup. baby O'B!
the nurse gathered all of the normal measurements and we had to laugh when she measured the femurs.....They are 2 weeks ahead on the development schedule. There is no doubt this baby is going to have some long legs! ...wonder where those came from?? :)
So anyways, those legs did do a little twist right as the nurse was finishing up - and we did get a little sneak peak of what looked like a very girly baby. She said that she was pretty sure but that she would let the doctor take a look without telling him what we thought.
He only spent like 5 minutes in the room but said "yeah she looks pretty girly - i'll say 70% chance its a girl"
Ummmmmm 70% huh? that is enough to get me very excited about little princess dresses but it is also enough to lump me in to that poor category of girls that decorates a whole pink palace, has a girl themed baby shower and then ends up with a little boy at birth!!!
this could be interesting. I am really hoping to get some more "concrete" numbers at a follow up ultrasound that i am going to insisit my doctor schedules again for the near future.
for now - I still really think "it" is a she.....We might even have a name picked out but we didin't want to really make any names official until we knew the gender. We still really like the name we picked but i think we want to use it for a while just to make sure it feels right before we announce it to the world. it's a great name though. Cute, Irish, and not too common but not weird either.
Ummmmmm - as far as her first picture (posted above) check out those cheekbones! Holy supermodel....and i am pretty sure she has her dads big full lips
:) this one is going to be a little cutie!
cant wait to meet her!!!!!


Katie said...

So wonderful Katie! I just loved reading that - I couldn't stop smiling. I talked to Kristen this morning - I think I know the lil' Miss' name :)


Emily Heizer Photography said...

COngrats on the baby girl! I totally pegged you guys for a boy first too. And you know that your family has absolutely no bearing on the baby's gender, right? LOL I'm sure you do but the way you put it I was like... she did go to sex ed, right? LMAO

Congrats and can't wait to hear the name!

jessie said...

heidi and gisele... WATCH OUT.
she is going to be SOOO cute! im so excited for you! and to see her haha

ps i babysit

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

SHe looks a lot bigger than 20 weeks in that picture!! Great news and very exciting! Even better, you are more than half way there!!