Friday, July 9, 2010

a couple of baby updates

So just in case you were curious about what I am getting super excited about these days, I thought i would share. Pretty much, i stay 100% preoccupied with baby business and these pictures of Pat when he was little doesn't help. I mean seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyy - how cute was he? I would have posted some me pics too but i didn't have any readily available. Picture this little guy as a girl though and you get the picture. We so could have passed for brother and sister

doesn't he just look like the kind of little boy that would pick you flowers?

he still makes this face...


I just hope our little Baby O'B will be just as cute as his dad is :)

In other news....I am loving these bedding options - And believe me, that is saying a lot because i have probably scoured through 100 websites and not liked 10,000,000 different sets for one reason or another.

This first set was one that my mom and sister found while they were shopping in Paris a few weeks ago. I didn't pay much attention since buying little boy bedding in Paris for a baby whose gender we do not know sounded pretty unrealistic, but then, my mom came to visit me in Ohio after her trip with a catalogue from the store and I remembered that they have this particular french baby store at south coast plaza in California - SO exciting. Not only do i love the bedding because it is so simple and cute and not overly babyish....but it is called "voyage en afrique" and this little babies dad went on a voyage to Africa last year so it is kind of cool and meaningful.

These are just some of the cute accessories/stuffed animals available within the collection.

And this little activity board was a deal sealer. How cute is that?

And then.....don't think my mind is made up that i am having a boy or anything. Long before i was introduced to the boy bedding, i fell in love with this little princess room from restoration hardware. Again, I love the fact that it is subtle soft baby colors and not so much a crazy print. I guess i am kind of boring ,but i figured the little bling accents will be enough to keep this little girl stimulated.

in case you didn't notice - that beautiful crib is pewter. The finials at the top have this very subtle little crown inlay that is perfect for a little princess room. Pat is not sold on it, but i feel like i cant live without it sooooo we'll see what happens with this one. The changing table and dresser have crystal drawer pulls and we actually already own a perfect little pink crystal chandelier.
the one thing i think i will do with either room is get a white glider so that it can be used for either a boy or girl baby down the road - with either set of bedding. The one i like is exactly like the pink one above, but there is an ottoman and it is all white.
So anyways - that's what i am thinking.
We find out which one of these delightful little palaces will become a reality when we go in for our ultrasound on the 29th!!!
Pat totally thinks boy and i am totally confused, but maybe leaning towards thinking it is a girl.
I guess we will find out soon!!


Erin said...

Pat was such a cute kid. Love love love both beddings. And that restoration hardware bed is to die for!

The Chandler Trio said...

Whatever you do get the restoration hardware moses basket and stand!!! SAVED my life a ton of times. You can use it in your bedroom instead of an awkward ugly co sleeper! I <3 Restoration Hardware!!!!!