Monday, August 9, 2010

Big Belly....Big Closet

2 Big things going on at Casa de O'Brien:

Huge Katie
Huge waste of a closet.

Yep. Its true.
I have a cribs-worthy ridiculous closet (see it in the background?) right? nope.- it is a total waste of space these days. it bums me out.

The racks are filled with clothing that does not fit me and it is kinda sorta big time depressing.

kinda not though too. The bump is endlessly entertaining. I am turning into more of an alien giant as we speak!

I do like the shelf with all of the cute maternity clothes my sister gave me and I can still wear all of the comfy pajamas and yoga pants that i used to wear too. The bathing suits work also, but HOLY GOD do they look "different"....the rest of it - ummmm useless - anyone need extra storage space in Ohio?

so anyways...i only took this picture in this mirror with the closet in the background because this is a "skinny" mirror in my house (convenient that it is located in my closet huh?) and the lighting tends to be favorable as well ( i need all the help i can get). oh and reason #2 for this shot - i figured i should have one more belly photo on this blog seeing as how this is the only place i am recording them. So here you go - 21 weeks :)
oh and I wasn't trying to brag about the closet. I am not a big enough diva to deserve this space (2 rooms, shoe storage for about 200 pairs of shoes, an not me - i struggle to fill it with my losery clothes) BUT one day, i do plan to add a chandelier, paint the walls, and actually wear some of the clothes contained inside of it without looking like a stuffed sausage....and at that point, i might actually brag.
You have a long time before that can happen though.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I LOVE LOVE your huge closet!! Who cares if the clothes in it dont fit! My walk in closet is really the 2nd bedroom upstairs and I need to start halling it out to prepare it as a nursery...I look at all my stuff and get overwhelmed. I just dont know where to put it all. The closets in those 2 bedrooms are just SMALL. Love the bump!! :)

Heather said...

Love your closet!!1 And the belly is super cute! You are just behind me!

DK said...

katie, you are the cutest pregnant woman ever!

Erin said...

i love ohio closets! your belly is adorable!!! you are over half way now! hurray! since I will be living in louisville, ky in one week, how far from you is that?

Sarah said...

I want a closet your size!!!!!!!!!

ali said...

Where are Pat's clothes?

Megan said...

I think next post you need to show us O'Babys closet and her extensive wardrobe...she's a diva and she doesn't even know it yet!