Thursday, February 11, 2010

This one is for you Dunja....:)

My facebook status currently reads: i need a break....a long break....and a tan......a real!

My little brother's roommates girlfriend replied: "really? you should blog about that"

and so Dunja (my cyber friend) I AM going to blog about it, and I even posted picture evidence of why that statement is so unbelievably true :)

Lets establish the facts first:

Fact #1) This picture was taken at my friend Melissa's wedding. She was an absolutely gorgeous bride. Her wedding was soooo much fun and I wish she would re-throw that wedding every weekend.

Fact #2) This wedding photo has made me realize that even expensive airbrush tanning will leave you looking bright orange in photos. I genuinely do not think it was that bad in person or I wouldn't have gone out but seriously? Holy Hell i am like the color of a Tupperware container after you leave spaghetti sauce sitting in it over night. Completely hyper color orange.

And soooooo, On this snowy hell of a Thursday - there is nothing more true than my previous declaration: i need a break....a long break....and a tan......a real!

It is funny that i posted upbeat (almost happy) recollections of the snow from this weekend only a few days ago. The title was even "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow".....but because i know myself too well - that title was quickly followed by the disclaimer '(For now).' Truth be told, I didn't think that my patience for it would run out as quickly as it did.

I am not sure exactly why it happened so quickly but i have my suspicions.I didn't get to run the errands i wanted to this week, i didn't get to the gym at night like i had hoped, and i froze shoveling my driveway for 40 minutes just so that i could get my car up into the garage. it isn't all car though, my car is cute and anywhere else it would be great. It is the snow i truly loathe.

And now I am over it.
I want to go somewhere nice and tropical and I want to go now.

I walked out of work with a woman i didn't know last night, and while we dodged flying face freezers....we made small talk. I sarcastically said "wow, what a lovely day" and she said "yeah but you can't complain too much, i would rather have this than hurricanes or earthquakes"

Internally i laughed. I may have even called her an idiot....oh yeah, I did. I have lived in Earthquakey California (for like 18 yrs) and I have lived in Hurricaney Florida (for 2...i was even vacationing there - right in the eye of the storm- for category 5 Hurricane Charlie) and let me tell you NEITHER place has ever inconvenienced me for 6 months with their sometimes challenging natural weather disruptions!!!

It is just too much for one person to take. Especially one that knows firsthand and understands that 6 months of snow isn't some blessing in place of a one day rain storm.

NOTHING sucks as much as prolonged months of snow. Sure the occasional downpoor can be fun ,but at this time of year - most sane people have had enough. It is gray and depressing. It makes you fat and ugly! Your skin turns transparent see through white and because it is so miserable outside you aren't able to find anything better to do than waste away indoors while eating meal after meal.

This b had no idea what she was talking about. And I pity her, but since we were both putting up with the same shitteous weather I really started to only pity myself.Then i saw this picture of me - the one from above - and i really lost it!

That is where the whole need for a break and a tan really came from.I don't want to be orange, and i don't want to get skin cancer in a tanning bad. If i am going to get skin cancer I want it to be while i am laying in real sun on sand so hot that it burns my feet. i want that here. Right now. I want it in my life. i don't want to have to deal with fake sun anymore. I want to be able to walk out my front door and go for a jog without getting frost bite and having my lungs freeze. I want to be able to pull into my damn garage.

And don't misunderstand this for a "Katie wants to move" post. It isn't. I just want Ohio to go back to the way it was a few months ago. The lovely state of Ohio that made me think of the Tim McGraw song "Where the Green Grass Grows." I like it here, but enough already with the shit weather.

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Erin said...

ugh. don't say that to me. im so afraid to go to kentucky next week. im going to die. and cry when i get thing i will miss about az...the fact that its cool, but the sun is out now...spring already started