Monday, February 8, 2010

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it Snow! (for now)

We woke up on Saturday morning to approximately 100% more snow than we had expected.
It was exciting, except for the fact that we had to cancel our plans for furniture shopping. The roads were awful.....We didn't get plowed in our neighborhood until 8pm (this picture was taken at 8am)
It was so pretty.....and to be honest - I started to love the snow.
Until our neighbors offered to let me "borrow" their extra shovel......Hello! When Pat tells me we only need one shovel because "shoveling snow is a man job" i take his word for it!
I did end up helping and despite the freezing cold it was kind of fun.
Until I make my formal request for an early summer, I will enjoy the unbelievable ab/arm workout that is shoveling snow, and this pretty winter scene.
The roads are finally clear....but not for long!

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Erin said...

looks sooo pretty!!! we are moving to KY in june...i'm worried about the winters...i haven't lived in snow for's been all tropical and warm states for me for the past 5 years...but it sure looks like fun!