Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Katie, Katie, Old Married Lady!!!

Guess what???? I have been married for 3 whole years as of today!!! Can you believe it? 3 years married, 8 and a half total years together. That is just nuts!

Sooooo in honor of our anniversary, I thought i would give you a little recap of what we have done in the years past for this big day.

I think our second anniversary might be one of my favorite weekends we ever spent together. It was pretty much amazing because it was so spontaneous. We both woke up early in the morning looked at each other and said " i don't want to go to work today".....Pat suggested we go to Vegas and I laughed, because we have the same exact conversation most mornings ( i.e. "work sucks...lets do this instead" it just doesn't get acted on usually) So anyways we both went about our normal routines. Pat showered. I showered. Pat left. I wasted time.....and eventually i left too. On my way to work Pat called me and said "make sure you check your email." Obviously this was pre-blackberry days for me, but as soon as i got into work I did what i was told and clicked to the one and only email in my inbox....It was a ticket to Las Vegas purchased 10 minutes before I saw it :)

I spontaneously "came down with something" and left my office by about 9:30. I packed both of our bags and we were on our way to the airport by 10:30. We seriously laughed the whole way there. For some reason it felt like we had just robbed a bank or something.

We arrived in Vegas and it was still pretty much lunch time.....which was so weird because at breakfast time we thought we were going to be spending a snowy anniversary working. Ummm yuck.

This picture may or may not have been taken after a "couple" of hours at the tables with a few drinks. Don't think this was all romance on this trip though. Pat means business when he is in Vegas.
I on the other hand.....went to the spa got a massage, got tan, went shopping, planned dinner, bought tickets to a show and pretty much felt like pretty woman.
Happy 2nd anniversary to us!!!
And then going back even further, This is what we did for our 1st Anniversary.

We didn't have anything huge planned because we had just moved to Ohio. We decided at the last minute (again) to do a little driving trip and we went to Niagara Falls. This pic is a view from where we stayed. The steam kind of hides the rest of the waterfall....but that is where the whole thing breaks off. They light it up at night and it is really beautiful.

We ventured down to the falls to check out the sites and let me tell you.....Holy God it is FREEZING there. I have never been so cold in my life!!!

Pat tends to under dress in cold weather (no gloves, no hats, and certainly no scarves). This day, he got so cold though that he actually let me walk with my hands (in gloves) covering his ears. It was like negative 20 or something like that....and the mist from the waterfall certainly did not help.

Nonetheless we loved it. Niagara is kind of a weird place, but i am always up for seeing something new.

This was taken from a walkway that pretty much hangs right over the edge. How anyone could voluntarily go over the side of this thing i don't know! Cool picture though.

And here we are right after the big day. Anniversary 0!

Our honeymoon was awesome. It felt like another surprise vacation after being so tied up with wedding planning. We went para sailing, horseback riding, snorkeling, and sight seeing. We sat in the pool with drinks every day and went out to a nice dinner every night. It was THE best week we have ever had.
I'll keep you posted on how the third anniversary turns out. We aren't going away this year and that is just fine by me. We have a really nice dinner planned for tonight and another vacation right around the corner.....This guy spoils me big time even when it isn't our anniversary and I still love love love him.....even after 3 whole years!


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I love the Spontaneous trips! I want to do that someday! Love all the pictures. I am approaching 3 years and I can’t believe it has been that long! Ha. But, 8 years in total for you-wow! that is awesome.

Cristina said...

Happy Anniversary! I am jealous of your spontaneous trips - how fun!