Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday Forecast: Crappy With A Chance of Tears

Why does everything seem to pile up all at once?

I have had such a bad day - and eventhough I will be the first to admit that nothing "big" actually went wrong, there were so many little things that now it feels more important than it should.

Maybe it is the rain that set the tone for today - and maybe i am just being a little ultra sensitive, but for now all I have that is keeping me from really seriously crying are a warm mug of mint tea, a fresh flower arrangement on my desk, and the idea of coming home tonight and turning my fireplace on for the first time since we have bought our house.

Please let it be sunny tomorrow, with less work stress, and more happy positive stuff. Two days of "Bad mood Katie" is pretty much unbearable for anyone. Trust me.

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