Wednesday, September 30, 2009

does tagging ever ruin your day?

Warning - This may be the most vain/insecure thing I have ever written but I mean it all in a fun sort of way.
Exhibit A:
----Picture Removed due to inappropriate content------
(okay not really....but i didn't have a really awful example because i insist on promptly removing all ridiculously fug pictures of me that other people have tagged online...the semi fug ones still exist and they have been coming in at an alarming pace lately. Hence, this post).
Exhibit B:
My sister and I cutting a rug at our friend Madeleine's gorgeous wedding.

Whats the difference? Exhibit A is an example of a picture that someone else would tag of me on Facebook....And Exhibit B is a picture I would post of myself.

ha ha - I bet you know what I mean - right?

in "A" I have a double chin. I do not have a neck, and my hair looks dull and icky. My skin is pastey white and I have probably consumed more than my fair share of adult beverages. I may even be in a freaking bathing suit.

In "B" i am tan and despite a lot of dancing i still have some makeup on my face. I am not holding a drink, and we look like we are having fun.

That is the way it should be. Pictures are supposed to capture and preserve good memories.

SO leave my little tagalicious tooshy out of the bad ones k? it ruins my memories of otherwise fun events!! This doesn't happen all of the time - but sometimes, when i get a "notification" that i have been tagged in so and so's pictures - my heart stops. Some people have absolutely zero judgement when it comes to posting and sharing information regarding other peoples lives. And they really should know - how day-ruining it can be. Sure I am to blame for taking an unflattering picture where maybe i am a little tipsy or maybe i just had chips and salsa, a margarita, and a burrito and I am wearing a bathing suit and you can see all of it perfectly outlined in my abdomen....but why the heck does the world need to know? Consider yourself a good enough friend to know that i am comfortable enough around you to wear a bathing suit and take pictures, but i don't necessarily want my office manager, 3rd grade teacher, and next door neighbor seeing me all icky and or half nakey on vacation.

And seriously....No self respecting 25+ yr old should want super drunk pictures of themselves, or really horrific bad outfit choices, or plump pinchy bathing suit shots exposed to other people. The only time this is sort of funny is when it was like 5 yrs prior and it really was a funny picture. I said funny though- not unflattering..... sooo do not be confused,there is a huge difference.

Use your judgement people! Us girl are fragile little beotches.
Bad pictures = Bad Chi......and i will get you back.

(oh and Katie D - if you are reading this...our little tagging war a few weeks back fell into the funny category) that picture of my 21st birthday was so awful it was great....Just wanted to clear that up)


Ashley said...

I have a friend who posts and tags herself in the MOST Unflattering, grossest pictures, and I am in Shock! SHE FINALLY understands I do not have the same confidence and “Who cares” attitude she has, so she is really good and asks me now. She always has a lot of pictures of me because we do a lot of group trips in the summer.
Another pet peeve! WHEN people TAG ME in my OWN photos! I Will post pictures of myself if everyone else looks GREAT, and I look OKAY…but I only tag myself if I think I look Great!
So, I Put a message out “DO NOT TAG Me in my OWN PICTURES. If I wanted to be tagged, I would do it myself!” Good luck with that one. Some people just DO.NOT.GET. IT!

Tara Tozzi said...

haha oh man i'm thinking i'm the major offender here. i'm so sorry, i just got rid of as many potential exhibit A's as i could find. hope you had a great weekend! :-)

Kristen said...

Haha - I think your exhibit B would fall into exhibit A for me....