Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm Back, I was Busy, and I am Blonde (again)!

the title pretty much says it all - I AM back from a little blog vacation.... I WAS so incredibly busy with work, and being sick, and cleaning my house, and having company, that i didn't have time to document my life on here.....and I AM officially a very un-natural yet satisfying shade of blonde ....again.

As a quick update: I had a big chunk of my family in visiting this weekend for my cousin Kelly's wedding. We all had such a great time. I just wish that my sister Lauren could have joined in too. I did get to see little Marty for the first time since December, both of my parents, Kristen, Marty's girlfriend Jessie, and of course - the main event for all of us- was another visit with my beautiful niece/ God daughter Amory.

I hosted the extended fam at our house for some football and food in between the wedding and the reception..... and let me tell you: pizza and beer should never be combined prior to wearing a cocktail dress. It was all tons of fun but when it came time to actually get joojed up for the night I kind of hated myself for combining such opposites. I am a firm believer that fancy dresses should always be worn on an empty stomach. Thank god their was some interesting fabric detail that hid my poor judgement.

I will have some more pictures to post from the weekend once my mom gets back to Florida and loads her pictures, but for now - she is still en just enjoy Marty and I .

Happy windy rainy Monday

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