Friday, September 18, 2009

NyQuil = Crack!!

So i am sick.....and not sick in the kind of nice way where you get to sleep all day, lose your appetite, miss work, and get skinny. I am sick in the way where I feel like hot garbage, but i am so busy at work that I cant take time off. So pretty much I just sit in my desk until i have to blow my nose, then i walk out into the hallway blow my nose, hope that my hearing comes back, return to my desk and wonder if i am spreading H1N1 to everybody around me. It is awesome.
The silver lining to this sickness?????......well that would be the cracked out Nyquil dreams I have been having the last couple of nights. Does this happen to you too? I take a big swig of that stuff and before i know it I feel like the scarecrow in wizard of oz on LSD and that is before I even get to sleep. That is when the real fun begins! I dreamt last night that i was at a high school football game in California (normal), then i won some contest where i got to go to the moon (okay kind of weird), but then my space shuttle landed at an outdoor arcade and i figured out a way to get money out of some machine without even having to play, but then i found out that the money was fake - So i got back in my space shuttle with my sister-in-law (who hadn't appeared in my dream until this point), then we drove sideways through a resort tennis community in Florida until a giant fish that was knocking down bridges on its way to us took a bite out of our space ship (not normal). I jumped into the water then freaked out. It was like a moat but there were shelves i could climb up on the sides. SO my now- pregnant within the last 5 minutes (not in real life - just in this portion of the dream) sister-in-law shows me how to climb out of the water and when i get out......I am in a mad dash to fold a bunch of sheets. Some of them were baby sheets, some of them weren't but it sure was important that i get all of them folded. And then i woke a panic about folding sheets???



That is how my brain works.

Thank you Nyquil for making me feel nuts.

I want to go home NOW....and have another one of those dreams. ha ha.


Ashley said...

haha. Well, That made me laugh out loud..A LOT! Not the part about you feeling like hot garbage though!
I can't remember the last time I had Nyquil, but I almost want to have some to see what happens!!
I hope you feel better!

Christi Ferguson said...

Oh my gosh.. NyQuil does the SAME thing to me. That and Benadry. I have the weirdest dreams and I don't sleep at all because I'm so confused as to what's happening in my head. I have hot sweats and cold flashes. One time I woke up in the middle of the night and asked Graham to curl my hair. Apparently it turned into a heated argument because I got so enraged that he wouldn't do it. I dont remember :) I've had to stop taking it all together because I literally feel like a crazed person. But I hope you get well soon!

Ashley said...

i tagged you on my blog! :)