Monday, February 16, 2009

Wishful thinking

(see below)***

I got dressed for work this morning hoping that I could "mix it up" a little bit and throw a dress on. I picked out a cute green wrap dress that I haven't worn in months and paired it with some boots. Despite the few inches of pastey pastey leggy I decided to show off at work, I thought I looked "cute" and my outfit was "okay." Although, as the day went on looking "cute" seemed pretty stupid once I realized that I would be sitting at my desk freezing all day. I was actually cold enough that I went home and changed my clothes at lunch. Ridiculous huuh? I think that this occasion is the first obvious sign of my stupid cold weather denial that inevitably starts after the first semi-warm day of winter. Guess I need to keep the legs covered, keep the socks on, and button up my coats for a while has been proven, I cannot will the weather to improve.

*** here is my new warm outfit for today, matched with my new warmer hair color that i have not posted any pictures of. I decided to post these together becasue not only have I learned that you cannot wear warm weather clothes when it is cold...but also, you cannot easily maintain super blonde hair when the world you live in is devoid of sunshine.

**** By the way, not sure what is going on with my rumor willis chin in this pic. Can't blame that one on the cold!


jenn said...

Hey Katie! I am so glad you blog so that I can see what you've been up to... congrats on getting married (awhile ago) and the new house on the way :") Can't wait to read more!

gogreene said...

i love your hair and i love your blog!