Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning

I reluctantly arrived at work this morning to an "interesting" surprise. I walked really slowly in the parking lot so that my work week wouldn't have to start any sooner than it had to - and once I hit the front door , I almost (and really should have) turned around and ran back home. "It" hit me like a ton of bricks....and "it" was the overwhelming stench of sewer- hell! Apparently all of the snow melting outside made the pipes in the sewer system overflow and my office smells like a giant poopsicle. Despite the fact that sitting at my desk makes me feel like I am chillin' in a diaper, I am not allowed to go home. We are "muscleing" through it. I might puke.

Total case of the muuundays today. Hopefully things will get less "crappy" as the day goes on. Ha. Ha......Ha?

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