Monday, December 27, 2010

a few cute pics from the week

little cousin Amory met ashlyn for the first time! She calls her "the B"
Pat and i have gotten lots of cuddle time in with our little girl

and we took a couple of christmas pics..... but i need to decide what is going on the card before i post more.

hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!!


DK said...

ashlyn is so perfect!! that little face is so precious. and katie.... hot damn! you are looking so good . i can't believe you just had a baby!

Erin said...

in the last pic is that a jacket or a blanket?! cause I covet it! she is so perfect and gorgeous!

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Oh and what are the rest of her stats? What's her birthday? What time was she born? How many hours of labor?

Shelly said...

In the picture with Pat holding Ashlyn, I think she looks so much like him! So cute : )

Laura said...

New follower here! Little Ashlyn is so precious. Congratulations!