Wednesday, December 15, 2010

39 weeks 5 days

i am REALLY pregnant.....and i have been really bored....and now i think someone is trying to tell me something because BRAVO somehow disappeared from the channel lineup on my family room TV. Ummm how do you spend a lazy pre-baby maternity leave on the couch when there is no BRAVO available to entertain???

I know all i have to do is call in to Direct TVs customer service and have them re-send a signal, but dude......annoying!

I am going to take this as a sign that maybe i am "resting" too much.
i think i will spend this fine afternoon off the couch doing some baby yoga instead..... i love hanging out with "sunshine" the earth mother baby yoga instructor that graces me with her presence via DVD

Annnd in baby news: if i had to put a guess in I would say that Ashlyn is going to make her debut this Saturday. It is her actual due date...and it has been my guess all along.
Pat was born on his due date...he is a first born...naturally his daughter could do the same right?

I'll keep you all posted...the doctor sounded surprised that i have lasted this long so who knows it could be sooner (could be later).


Joanna said...

Bravo is a must whether you're pregnant or not :) have fun doing baby yoga! I just begun following you a couple weeks ago and I gotta say... you make pregnancy look good :)

Sarah said...

I had my baby at 39 weeks and 5 days.. however I went into labor at 39 weeks 3 days...

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Are you dilated at all? Has she dropped? If you want to get things moving, walking is helpful, and keep in mind you're about to go through LABOR so being in the best shape you possibly can be in is key so pregnancy-appropriate exercise is great for you right now. Are you going to Lamaze or Hypobaby classes or anything?

No one in my family goes on Mat leave until they actually go into labor or are ordered to bed rest- because there's nothing for you to do at home. Also, right now you're spending time at home alone.... so you don't get to spend this time with the baby. Like, if you only get 6 weeks off, and you spent 3 weeks on Mat leave still preggers, then you only get 3 weeks home with the baby before back to work. (Or losing pay or whatever your arrangement is.) Bummer. But you may have a slick deal.

You got everything rip roaring to go already? Bags packed, baby clothes washed, organized, nursery ready, everything done?

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I was wondering if you had her by now. I hope you have her on Saturday or by Saturday- that is just mean to stay in longer!!
Direct Tv- ugh. I call them once a week. I cant wait for our contract to be over with them so I can say BYE forever!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

PS. WHOA to the comment above!!

Katie OB said...

Emily.... So now you are judging me for being on maternity leave?
This is getting a little ridiculous.

Cristina said...

Holy Canoli on this Emily character! Yikes!!!

I know you are anxious and uncomfortable - but enjoy the next few days with just the 2 of you. Go on "dates" every night (even if they are just spicy dinners and long walks) and relax in the silence. She will be here before you know it! So excited for you!!!

ali said...

Oh geez - the know-it-all strikes again. Ditto Christina's comments - enjoy your time with Pat and get lots of rest. Routing for Saturday if not sooner. XOXO

Shelly said...

Ewww. Emily go away. Take a hint.

Katie- so excited and can't wait to hear the good news tonight! Thinking of you

Love you guys!

Mary Kate said...

Only YOU know what's right and good for you and your baby. Don't let the haters (ok, hater) dim your joy one bit! Praying for you! It's gonna be great!
Hugs, MK

Anonymous said...

Katie...I find your blogs very funny, although not as funny as the irony of a woman (Emily) that is soliciting donations via Paypal on her blog so she can live her life giving you advice on how to live yours. Maybe if you Paypal her $5 she will go away?