Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Operation "Lookin Fine in '09"

Okay if Britney can do it...so can I, and by "do it" I mean get skinny despite an extreme love for cheetos and fast food. Though I would like to think that I don't actually look as bad as this extremeley unflattering picture of B. Spears I am going to use it as my inspiration in '09. This was her starting point....and if you flash forward to the clip below (more specifically a part mid-way through where she is standing in front of a shower of fireworks maybe naked) you will see exactly what my goal for 09 is :)

In order to look like the "Circus" version of Britney vs. "the potato" version, I want to start eating like an adult. I want to forget that ranch dressing and french fries exist in 09. I want the vending machines at work to be removed, and I want to fall in love with working out.
to see what I am referring to watch this:

And by the way, i have no idea why i have written about britney spears so much on here. Yes, I love her but not in a creepy "I wrote 3 blogs about you sort of way" (or at least i didn't think it was like that). She was just the first person I could think of that lost a ton of weight and would have "before" picture easily accessible online.
Crazy imaginary celebrity friendships aside, I also plan to follow the suggestions in "Eat this, Not That." A friend of mine was telling me how her husband lost 30 pounds just by following the easy guidelines in this book. There are a lot of really obvious things like don't get mayo on a sandwich or avoid cheese if you are going to eat a hamburger...but then there are really surprising things like regular bacon is actually better for you than turkey bacon because turkey bacon has almost twice the sodium content! And at panera, one of the best things you can order is a BBQ pizza. How weird is that? I never knew! It isn't a diet - just a book that shows what choices you should be making with the foods you are already eating.
So anyways (like every other year since I turned 19) I will once again be making my New Years resolution to get healthy and trim. We will see what happens, but i thought if I at least documented it on here that i am trying...people could post anonymous comments telling me that i am failing (if i am) and it would be a huge kick in the pants to actually follow through .Just kidding, i don't like random mean strangers. I am sensitive.

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Erin and James said...

that's like our goal to. i wrote it on our mirror in the bathroom by the scale, it's "Run From Fat"