Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just a matter of time....

I saw this picture of myself today and it ruined my life.

I am pretty sure that I got wrinkles the day that I turned 25. FML. Seriously, and I HATE them. For now they are only showing up on my forehead, in between my eyebrows ( my "11's" according to Dr. 90210), and sometimes there is one on the left side of my cheek that sticks around after I have been smiling for too long. Regardless, that is way too many wrinkles for me. I need to get rid of them pronto. I can't figure out if wrinkles can actually "go away" or if they just stay the same once you spend lots of time trying to keep them from getting worse? I am hoping they go away, because even with botox it seems like I am screwed.

Anyways, If you are a very unfortunate 25 year old or a 50+ yr. old, you are reading this blog, and you have the same issue as me- here is my gameplan. None of these ideas seem like they will work but i am still trying...
  • drink more water...maybe my skin is "puckering" becasue it is so dry.
  • use more moisturizer (same reason as above)
  • No more expressing how I feel....facially -No Smiling(Not hard considering I am a wrinkled hag these days), No Scowling (Hard, considering I am a wrinkled hag these days)
  • Wear more sunscreen
  • Put my hand on my forehead and pull until the skin looks relaxed - holding it there until I can breathe again.
  • Wear really tight ponytails
  • Invest in lots of forehead covering hats
  • Cut bangs

I know this is so vain, but I plan to live for a very long time and if the wrinkles are already coming I will be a mess by 40.


Krissy Brownell said...

So, I was blog-stalking instead of grading papers...

I feel the EXACT same way. I saw a picture of me squinting in the sun the other day and could not believe what I saw. How did we get old???

Erin and James said...

i guess to get rid of them you will also have to stop smiling to help. how funny, when you said the "11's" i totally thought of dr. 90210 also!