Monday, November 17, 2008

My Weekend

This was a pretty low key weekend for the O'Brien's. Friday night we went out to dinner for some surprisingly delicious Mexican food. Saturday Pat played poker and I stayed home slaving in the kitchen making some fabulous vegetable soup. I included all of my favorites - potatoes, carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, squash, zuchinni, corn, peas, grated cabbage.....pretty much everything yummy that you could possibly chop up and make soup with.

I was so excited to have some since this was the first really cold weekend in a while where soup just sounded so good. It is definitely one of Pat's favorites - and i'm not going to lie, I like making it becasue I always get a lot of satisfaction with making something that requires a lot of work. Not that soup is hard to make, but it is sort of high maintenance - (i was chopping and seasoning for like an hour).

Anywayyyyyys, Pat didn't come home until way late (which I have learned is a good thing if you are playing poker) so we ended up just meeting out with some friends when he was done....I figured my wonderful soup could just wait until sunday to be eaten when it would probably taste even better. Ummm except that I remembered later that we had already made plans with Pat's family to hang out and then the girls were going to see a matinee of Legally Blonde the Musical. So at about 10:30 Pat's little brother called us and invited us over for lunch before the show......guess what was on the menu???? Yup Vegetable soup. eff. NO Katie soup for us!

Mrs. O'B had no idea that I had also already made the same soup and technically we had already made plans with them for that day sooo we just went to their house and thoroughly enjoyed the soup she had made. Soooo after 2 bowls (lunch and dinner later) for me and 3 bowls of mom soup for Pat we left completely stuffed.

I am reallllly hoping that Pat didn't have his fill on Sunday though because there is still 300lbs of untasted vegetable-delight (compliments of moi) that we have to polish off at home :(

By the way, I did briefly mention that we went to see Legally Blonde The Musical yesterday. Well it deserves way more than a brief mention. It was AWESOME. I seriously loved it. You have never seen more adorable little girls (and homosexual men) all wearing pink holding little "Bruiser Woods' " stuffed animales in their purses!!!! The whole crowd laughed out loud through basically the whole thing and Elle was fabulous. I loved that she didn't try to be anything but the Reese Witherspoon version of Elle that everybody loves. If it comes in to your town - def go see it.

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