Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Endorphins and Christmas

I was feeling sort of sorry for myself last night so I tried to resort to 2 fool proof things that I knew would put me in a better mood. Endorphins and Christmas. It was somewhere around 7:30 and i just needed to get out of the house. Despite the ridiculous snow storm outside (only ridiculus becasue in my opinion it is way tooo early for the weather to be this crappy) I headed out dressed in my gym clothes. My first stop was Home Depot. The Garden center was packed with all kinds of fabulous/really cheesy/borderline tacky lawn ornaments. Despite the cheesy tacky factor, I know that i will one day be filling my yard with them making up stories to Pat about how "the kids" couldn't live without a projector deer light show flying across the house (when really it will be me) :)...but that can wait. The best part was definitely the smell of the fresh cut trees. I stood outside and got sort of excited for the first time realizing that i am going to get to have a white Christmas for the first time in my life.

I'm not sure if i am going to go with a real tree or a fake pre-lit tree, but i do know that i am going to go BIG!!! Luckily our apartment has really high ceilings so a 12 foot tree could totally work, but the part I am sort of struggling with is what if when we buy a new house the ceilings aren't quite as high? Then I will be stuck with this huge tree that will have to be set up in my driveway or something????That would suck. And now that i just wrote that, i think i just talked myself into a 9 foot Christmas tree....or a real 12 foot tree!!! Whatever, it just has to be taller than me - by at least a few inches. So anyways, back to last night, I also went to Sam's Club and Lowe's to check out trees. Lowe's was way expensive -Sam's club wasn't. Their trees were nice, but most of them were "slim" and I'm not sure i like that.

So with the christmas portion of my night down I was starting to feeling better. I headed to the gym and planned on working out big time to get my endorphins pumping. As soon as I got there though, i realized i didn't have my headphones in my purse like i thought i did. It always seems like my workout suffer when Kanye and 50 aren't blaring in my ears :).....Nonetheless I made the most of it. I ran on the indoor track. Instead of music I repeated the number of the lap I was on over and over and over and over again. Somewhere around 35-35-35-35-35 I decided it was time to move on to some abs. Eventhough it was freezing outside, I was really hot - and for some reason this made me feel 100 times better.

I am going to remember this mix of activities when winter makes me super depressed in the coming months. It totally helped. There are probably a few other combos that will do the trick too, like: Diamonds and vacation. Orrrrrr shopping and a tan. Orrrrr chocolate cake and a 25 inch waist. Yeah all of those things will be super good for my almost (almost) makes me excited for the yucky depressing weather and bad nights to come.

This year i am thankful for endorphins and Christmas...can we just skip Thanksgiving and get to it already???

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Erin and James said...

did you get a tree yet? Lowes has fake ones for 50% off! we totally hit that up the other night!