Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rrrrrandom Cell phone pictures (with explanations)

Ever get bored and take really random pictures with your cell phone? I do.
Want to see the pictures i take? Okay.
Here they are with a little explanation....and just FYI, when these were taken they were all going to be separate (amazing) blog posts that i created in my head .
Funny how things don't always happen according to plan.

This interesting picture was taken to show my ever-curious readers that (just in case you were up at night wondering...) I have a freckle on the inside of my lash line on my left eye. I think my mom has one too in the same place except hers is just below her lash line. I think. Maybe i made that up.

This picture was going to be a much longer post about how much i hate people that put their seat back on airplanes. I was in the very last row....i didn't have the option to put my own seat back and this guy totally pissed me off. I actually resorted to the equivalent of a 2 yr old tantrum and literally shoved my knees into his seat every 2-3 seconds until he put his seat back up. I was kind of joking around (we were traveling with friends) but then i was kind of embarrassed by how psycho i acted. Ohhhhh well. He did put his seat up (eventually)

Which was a relief because clearly my knees needed a little breathing room :)

...and here is the lovely ocean that i felt the need to take a picture of as we approached our destination: Naples, Florida

And here is me a few days into the trip....and a fewwww drinks into the night. Once again I find myself with my cell phone in hand thinking "oh hell, i haven't taken any pictures of this trip at all yet. Why don't i remedy that by making a weirdo nut job face and capturing a shot of me brushing my teeth"
I am clearly very sentimental.

ANd then there is this one. I truly risked my life to capture this moment for you.
I nearly came to a complete stop in the middle of a free way just to prove that....
Drumroll......Amish people exist.
That is a horse and buggy crossing an overpass.

I took this shot for those hungry readers out there. I am newly obsessed with this little sanddweeeesh and let me tell you, if you had one you would be too. Roasted red peppers, grilled asparagus, portabella mushrooms, sauteed onions and goat cheese. And if those ingredients weren't enough for me to love this delightful is also called "the Californian" which makes me like it even more. I even feel kind of snobby eating it like when i order it i think..."oooooh i bet i am the first REAL Californian to order THE Californian today suckaaaaaa"

there is a great wine section at the market where the Californian lives.

...and a cheese section that reminds me of a fancy adult Costco. The samples are TO DIE FOR. i am shameless about trying every single one like 3 times over (while i wait for my sandweeeesh of course).

Ohhhh....and this pic.
Lets be honest. I posted it because i think my hair looks absolutely fabulous in it :)
I wont pretend that there is another reason.
I want my hair to like like this every single day....but it never does.
Happy St. Patricks Day.


Jenny DB said...

I *heart* cheese and shamelessly sample at whole foods. every.single.time. - multiple.times. err, whatever.

your hair DOES look fabulous and your amish pic makes me laugh. oh those silly amish...

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I forgot you had bangs!! YOUR hair does look fabulous!!
That sanwich sounds AMAZING. I Love all the ingredients. ANNND, I laughed out loud about your tempter tantrum on the plane! haha. IF YOU CANT be comfortable, why should the guy in front of you!?!

Tara Tozzi said...

yes your hair looks HOT in that picture and so do you!! and amish people totally exist. in fact an amish lady had a seizure in our living room when i was little so that's what i remember about amish people. hope you had a great weekend, love ya!