Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It was obviously going to happen sooner or later....

I got my first "anonymous" hate message today. It made me laugh for a couple reasons....

The first reason being that it amazes me that someone would call me " a snot" for not wanting to be surrounded by a bunch of pedophiles. Truth be told, you "anonymous" blog commenter would REALLLY think i was a much bigger snot if i had gone into even more detail about how not only do i want pedophiles OUT of my neighborhood - In reality I wouldn't mind if they were completely wiped off the face of the planet all together. Call me a snot all day long......sure sounds better than a pedophile apologist.

Then there was the part about me being "sheltered from the real world." I certainly wouldn't classify myself as that -I am not even a little bit naive, but maybe the anonymous commenter knows more about me than even i do?...I thought about this one for a few minutes though and I realized that based on all of my previous posts about Doritos, and baby showers, and vacations and liking my friends ummm maybe i do give off a "nice person, never seen the dark side of life" kind of vibe. I guess she missed that post about "Inmate mingling" where i was also (once again) chilling with criminals......pshhhhh "sheltered from the real world" my ass.

And then the last and funniest part about the whole "anonymous" comment was that it really wasn't anonymous at all. Pretty much every blog has some kind of tracker that shows where people are reading from - i guess you didn't know that part.

Sooooo Miss "You are such a snot and so sheltered from the real world." I guess I must have missed that part about not being "sheltered from the real world" when we both attended the same "school of hard knocks" all girls catholic college :)

If you don't like me - don't read my blog, but i will also say that I think you misunderstood my intention with that last post.

Thanks for the laugh though...i'm not going to take it too seriously.


Saralala said...

let me just say that you take these "hate messages" way better than i do! haha! i wish i could laugh when i get them, but they mostly just make me want to curl up in a ball and roll off the earth : ) i hate being misunderstood and offending people, especially when i wasn't trying too. you go girl.

Cristina said...

Hahaha. Foolish person!

Did you ever think maybe your creeper neighbor was on "To Catch A Predator"??? Online soliciting/minor/undercover cop. Sounds to me like someone got offered some lemonade and got a tall glass of Chris Hanson!

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I have yet to get a hate message...meaning I am not a real blogger yet! Congrats on the milestone! :))
ANd, I am going to email you now with some questions. ha

Jenny DB said...

Had that first milestone on mine a few days ago. GRRR.
Awesome that you know who it is though, I wish i did.. i need google analytics on my blog, me thinks.

Anonymous said...

Katie your awesome!!!! And so is your blog!!! That person must be really unhappy in their own life to read your blog & leave a hate message. Sad if you think about it!!!

PS...I can't remember my damn pw again!!! So I'm going anoymous because I hear that the cool new thing to do!


A Wedding Story said...

HOLY CRAP! I just read your last post and it scared the bejeebees out of me. If that were me I would have been scared out of my mind!

Why are people mean with the comments and HOW did you find out who it is? AND sex offenders are the ones who are killing people these days...does your anonymous commenter even watch the news!?!

My husband and I live on a main street but there is a low-income neighborhood off of our road. We went for a walk last week and I saw this creepy guy that used to go to my parents church that creeped them out too. He lives almost right behind our house (thank God for the privacy fence). I am headed to the registry right now to see how many might be in the neighborhood! How scary!!!

Lauren said...

wow... didn't realize how mean people were in the blogsphere! she must be an unhappy an envious person to write you such a mean message. your previous post was in no way ignorant or in any way depicting you of being sheltered/in a bubble; when you have a creeper with a record like that as your neighbor, you have a right to know (had you not ran the search, who knows if you would have known the truth) - you're lucky! anyway, i enjoy reading your blog: keep spreading the positivity!