Saturday, October 22, 2011

its nice to "get ready"

last night i took a picture of myself.
Because i did my hair
and because i did my makeup
and because i went out on the town
(with my little doll baby and husband).
And it felt good not to be a shlep staying home.
Never mind that we got home at 8:15 from a fancy dinner with friends
We had so much fun
...and it had to be documented :)

and for the record....we had 2 kids under 2
(and one little baby that is 3 weeks away from being born)
behaving like little angels for over 2 hours.

what a lovely friday night :)


Heidi Chandler said...


Ashley Paige said...

H-O-T. Hot.

mrsrsm4 said...

Good for you girl!!! It's so nice to "get ready"!!!!

Mrs. Mama said...

you're like seducing me over there.
and i LOVE it.

jessie said...

DAAAAAAMN hot shtufff

Ali said...

Next time, you need to come over and help me get ready too!

Erin Umberg said...

Love, Love! You need to update the blog!