Friday, December 11, 2009

annnnnd I am 5 yrs old again.

(this is me sitting on the sea wall in my parents backyard playing with huh?)

I really do feel like a five year old when it comes to Christmas and going home to see my family. I am pretty much peeing my pants waiting to see my mom, dad, grandmas, sisters, brother, brother in law, niece, aunt, uncle, cousin EVERYBODY! I can't wait to open presents, I cant wait to make delicious appetizers and drink champagne with Chambord, i cant wait to go kayaking, i can't wait to troll up and down the canals looking at Christmas lights in the boat (with hot chocolate), and I can't wait to ride my bike to the beach - every single day.
All of is just so exciting.

And oddly, I have been looking forward to some other things that may or may not actually happen but for some reason I can't stop thinking "this is what we should do at Christmas" For instance, I really want to get a slip n slide for all of us to slide around on. I haven't been on one in years and from what i remember - they are freaking awesome. It is part of our Secret Santa gift exchange this year that we have to come up with some kind of gift for the family that will keep us busy - like a DVD to watch, or a game to play, or a tarp to slide on??? i dunno but i think i am doing it.

I also have been thinking about how much fun it used to be to make up dances with my sisters. Soooo, in my "I'm bored at work lets daydream about Christmas" time I have also thought about how much fun it would be to learn the beyonce single ladies dance and put on a show (yes I am married and I am 26 and this is how i would like to spend my time), but some things you just never get too old for.

Annnnnd I can't leave out the Marty time I look forward to. This year I am daydreaming about "keeping it together" a little better than last Christmas when it comes to trying to "hang" with Mar-tay. Ummm let me explain. Even though I am not the youngest in my family - I get treated like I am. Everybody gangs up on me and teases me like no other, especially Marty....which is fine - as long as you aren't playing drinking games!

Side note: Has anyone ever played moose? its kind of like quarters where you bounce a quarter into an ice tray instead of a cup. Each ice cube section has a point value 1-6.....If your quarter bounces onto the right side you drink for however many seconds the number says in the section. If you bounce your quarter and it goes on the left - you pass out drinks to someone else for the number of seconds that that section says. There is also a big cup of beer that you put next to the end of the tray...if your quarter happens to go in that cup everyone at the table has to yell "moose" and make moose antlers on your head with your hands. The last person to get their hands up and say it has to chug the beer...........

Well we played this game very late at night last last Christmas and guess who was handed out every single "you drink" - no seriously....every last one went to me.....and that didn't really help me speed up with the moose antlers so i had to drink those full beers too(every single time). Marty (and Pat and Lauren and Kristen)thought it was the funniest thing they had ever done. They were all laughing and i was just ummm a little to "moosed out" so i just cried. Yep I cried....on Christmas...playing a drinking game....because everyone ganged up on me and obviously I had too much to drink. Just way too much to drink, all dressed up sitting at a table with my husband brother and sisters, i am crying, and they are all falling on the ground laughing at me.PATHETIC....but funny nonetheless.

So - yeah, this is a really weird post.
Long story short.... I can't wait for Christmas!!!.....and all the weird stuff i miss doing with the fam.


Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

hahahha. I can almost visualize the game and you drunk crying at xmas!
AND YOU MUST do a dance. Record it or take pictures and post it after! OK?
Xmas in Florida sounds funny to me! :) But I would rather have a beach than freaking Freezing cold and snow! yuck.

Christi Ferguson said...

First of all, I want to be somewhere warm for CHristmas. Jealous. Second of all, if you do a slip and slide, DEFINITELY make one from a tarp or something of the sort. I bought a Crododile Mile last year thinking I was so fun and creative... and yeah... it seemed much longer when I was 2 feet tall (not that I'm much taller now!), but it took about 1 second to go from beginning to end. I was less than pleased :)And the moose drinking game sounds so fun! My girlfriend and I all call each other moose's. An inside joke about how fat we all feel sometimes. :) So this game would be perfect for our girls nights! Oh, and my sisters and I ALWAYS made up dances. We particulary liked Mariah Carey's, All I want for Christmas is you! Hope your christmas is wonderfuL!! XOXO